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It’s a No From Me – Glossier

Have you ever been so hyped over a product that you purchase two and then it’s terrible and you hate it? That’s about where I am at with Glossier’s newest skincare product, Solution. I was convinced that I would enjoy this product, it is formulated with several acids that I use and enjoy in my daily skincare routine but this is definitely not the solution.


This product is described as a daily exfoliating liquid with glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. With continued usage, it is supposed to be clearing, brightening and smoothing. Other ingredients include aloe and other skin-soothing complexes. The claims were pretty lofty but having used products like this before and enjoyed them, I just assumed that it would live up to the claims:




First off, love the packaging. The pump is perfect at not only keeping things sanitary but also regulating how much liquid is being dispensed. I also really like the scent, lactic acid can smell a little funk but this product has a refreshing almost minty scent – unsure of what to attribute that to but I like it. On first swipe, all I can say is; Holy fucking burn. I felt like I razor burned my entire face, I use a lot of peel products and this is the first time that I have felt like I damaged my skin. Now, it wasn’t terribly red or anything and in fact, I probably didn’t damage my skin but it was unpleasant. I should have tapped out but, beauty is pain, right? Absolutely not but, I continued to use this product for about a week and my skin has never been so red, irritated and scaly – definitely not brighter, clearer or more smooth. It didn’t break me out or anything but I did notice that it leaves a sticky film on my skin that that I feel definitely enhanced the appearance of my pores. I cannot imagine making this product a part of my daily skincare routine, it’s just too irritating and I have not seen any benefit. I am super disappointed, this is such an affordable product with seemingly great ingredients but it is definitely not for me! Have you tried it?

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