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As every red-blooded American is aware, it is Groundhog Day. What is Groundhog Day, you ask? My loose interpretation, the bastard off-spring of a beaver and a prairie dog emerges from its hovel to the delight of thousands of Americans and something about seeing its shadow…blah, blah, blah, 6 more weeks of winter. Also, the groundhog’s name is Phil because that makes sense. We all partake in the delusion that it’s the same Phil but that groundhog has had to have died at least 6 times since I have been alive. I think it actually started as a feast during which people ate groundhog which makes nominally more sense? The only reason I know any of this is because we all had that one teacher who was oddly nuts about Groundhog Day. Anyway, in equally but perhaps even more trivial news – the Super Bowl is in town. I have the fortune of working fairly far south of the metro and don’t have to venture towards downtown but I hear that the madness is steadily increasing. Good news is that there are tons of things to do outside of the metro and you don’t have to venture too far.

Detroit Lakes – There are more than 400 lakes roughly 4 hours north’ish of the Twin Cities. The winter recreation here is incredible; ice-skating, snowboarding, cross-country skiing – it’s a winter lover’s dream. It’s a tad tourist-y but not overwhelming and still has that rustic, small town vibe.


Lanesboro – I don’t think that one can go on the Amish Tour this time of year but this small town boasts plenty of shopping and many comfortable B&B’s. There are also a handful of restored historical homes and stores to explore. For winter recreation, there are plenty of trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.


Lutsen – If you have a little more ching to drop and don’t mind an ultra-tourist’y destination, this one’s for you. There’s tons of shopping, gourmet food, decent snowboarding and stunning views.


Downtown Stillwater – I suspect that this small town could get pretty busy this weekend but it also might be far too far off the beaten path for many visitors. Founded in 1848, Stillwater is packed with historical destinations, gorgeous homes and plenty of modern conveniences.

Weekend getaway.......

Of course, one could always just stay home as well 😀 What are you up to this weekend?

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