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Things that bother me – when people who are past a certain age (like 40) print every-thing. I don’t understand this obsession with needing documents printed, aside from legal documents, all printing should be banned. They’ve been living too good for too long using up way more than their share of paper – there should be a paper allotment – 100 reams in a lifetime. That’s it – no more paper for you!

Recently I was talking about the May Coop Raw Sauce products and how I wanted to try the popular essence. Not knowing how my skin would react to the essence, I decided to try a package of Raw Masks with the same maple water serum. These masks are made of unbleached cotton, making them totally compostable and are soaked in a serum of maple water, licorice and ginger. The maple water claims to be intensely hydrating while licorice and ginger are both good for redness and inflammation. These masks are supposed to cleanse, tone and moisturize.


After using two masks, I am not totally sold on the product and honestly didn’t see any amazing results. I was wondering if the maple water would make them sticky and I did notice that my skin felt tight and almost like it was coated in something but sticky isn’t quite the way to describe it. For the most part, it performed much like any other sheet mask but I felt like there was more product remaining on my face than with other masks. It also has an interesting scent, not unpleasant but definitely on the earthy side. One thing that did bother me, where the mask was touching the area around my eyes, I saw some irritation and peeling the next day. I know that natural products can certainly cause reactions but I was still surprised. Otherwise, my skin did feel nice and moist but still filmy? The only reason that I hesitate to purchase another package of these is the irritation I saw around my eyes. Overall, I have to say that I am a tad disappointed in this cult fave and will definitely be skipping on the essence.


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