NOTD – Cherry Cola

Have you ever just been sitting at the nail salon, zoning out then a 90’s grunge jam comes on and it hits you that you are going to be 40 in 10 years and kinda’ wonder what you are doing with your life? Then you start thinking about all of the mundane shit that you spend your life doing like getting your nails done and start calculating all the time you’ve spent doing these things. If I have been getting my nails shellacked every 2 weeks  for the last 9 years and it takes roughly 50 minutes each time – I mean. what’s the math on that? But isn’t it all of the little, mundane things that make up a life? Then you come home and listen to Boots of Spanish Leather on repeat and cry yourself to sleep. OK, the last part didn’t happen 😛 Anyway, I wanted a maroon shade but one that was on the lighter side – I love the brown tones in this shade and think it will be easy to wear!


Side note – totally purchased that Son & Park Beauty Water and it’s amazing! I picked up a couple of Son & Park products and will post a review soon!

Thanks for stopping by <3

PS I did the math – 171 days 😀

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