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Sheet Mask Madness

I have a stack of TonyMoly sheet masks that I am working through before I purchase any others and I have quite a long want list – I have been trying to use a sheet mask as often as possible to make quick work of these. It’s taken some getting used to, tacking 20 extra minutes onto my evening isn’t ideal – it isn’t like it’s hard but it is a time commitment.


Overall, I enjoy these masks but I don’t often see them on K-Beauty sites and wonder if these were made to appeal to American consumers but I’m not sure. There are other masks from this brand that I don’t often see in the US market and wonder if they are of different quality. Anyway, I have tried all of these at least once – the Olive Oil, Tea Tree and Cactus masks are standout faves, they are skin soothing and moisturizing. I honestly haven’t used them often enough to attribute any specific results to the active ingredients but they make my skin feel great. The Aloe 10 pack was an awesome find, I wish that all masks would come in these multi-packs so the added waste of the individual envelopes could be avoided. You get 10 masks swimming in serum, that are are really moisturizing and redness reducing – these could be my fave for weekday/continual use. The multi-pack is also the better deal at $8.50 for 10 rather than $4 each.




I enjoy these masks, they are fairly affordable and come in a variety of flavours to treat various skin needs. I am also starting to appreciate the whole sheet mask step as part of my routine more and more!

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