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Sunday Funday – More Skincare

Are we tired of hearing about skincare yet? I mean, probably but I have become gripped with this irrational anxiety that I am going to wake up one day and be shriveled like a prune. Your 30’s will do that to you. You know what’s interesting, I never notice if people have wrinkles or not. I encounter mature people constantly and never find myself assessing their wrinkles. I think that eyes are what gives your age away, whenever I see someone I haven’t seen in considerable time, it’s the change to their eyes that astounds me. This took a depressing turn 😀 Apparently my skincare orders were shipped in pieces and are slowly trickling in but in fairness, many are arriving sooner than I had anticipated. I had a good mail day today and received three of the items that I have been waiting on. I found two boxes of sheet masks at a really good price, I really think that the boxes are where the savings are. The cost per sheet works out to about $2 when purchased in bulk, not terrible.

I chose these Multi-Care Moisture Vitamin Masks hoping for some serious hydration and was not disappointed after having used one. The serum in these masks is a 5 vitamin complex formulated with Vitamin E, C and various B’s. I am familiar with the skin benefits of the first two but wasn’t sure what benefit the latter was to skincare. Apparently, B vitamins help to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These masks have the vaguely floral scent that I feel most sheet masks have and are a bit on the slimy side. Textures bother me, I would be happy with a lot less serum but it felt great and most of the serum was soaked up by my parched complexion. My skin felt so moist that I only followed up with an emulsion for the evening and it was perfect.



I talked about the cult-fave Raw Sauce a few posts ago but decided to try it first in a sheet mask in case I didn’t love it. The main ingredient in the Raw products is maple water and I know that it isn’t syrup but the essence does look a bit syrup-y, there’s just something about wiping syrup on my face. I will give these a whirl and hopefully get an idea of what the essence is like. The Raw line is supposed to also be really good for dry skin. These are also organic cotton, the sheets are compostable which definitely appeals to me. The material that the more rubbery masks are made of is not sustainable and I have been seeking out other options since realizing this.



Finally, a jar of Orange Cleansing Sherbet from Aromatica! It smells divine, not as artificial as I was expecting but plenty sherb-ety. Apparently I don’t mind rubbing something reminiscent of ice cream on my face but take issue with syrup? This is an oil balm that dissolves impurities and makeup, it is formulated with natural orange oil. I have yet to use it but will report back!



I just about have a routine nailed down and think that my skin has so far been enjoying it but it could be too soon to tell. I have to say that overall, the products that I have so far tried have been absolute keepers which rarely happens. I am excited to share an updated skincare routine!

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  • Shannon Paige

    That raw sauce sounds so interesting to me! And that comment about noticing the eyes changing does indeed depress me. Lol… i was just telling my friend recently that I have always had wrinkles near my eyes and mouth when I smile which sucks bc I feel like when I get older it will get worse ugh

    • Stella

      Definitely an interesting product, I’ve never heard of maple water being used in skincare but I’m curious. Oh, I don’t mind some of my lines from smiling and creases around my eyes. It just happens ☺

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