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Sunday Skin

Apparently, I am talking about skincare for the month of February πŸ˜› I honestly haven’t seen many makeup releases that have caught my eye and have wearing mostly the same looks – I don’t know what that’s about, perhaps the winter blues. At any rate, on Sundays I like to use a more potent peel or treatment than my daily products. Today, I am using this Clear-C Peeling Mask from Laneige and I don’t know if I am totally in love with it or not. It is part chemical peel, part physical peel – the AHA doesn’t seem terribly potent and I think that it’s actually the strawberry seeds and granules that do most of the exfoliating. My skin isn’t bothered by chemical peels but grainy peels can leave it feeling raw. My skin definitely feels smooth and looks bright after using this peel but I don’t know what to attribute that to. It smells nice and has a pudding texture, it’s fun to use if nothing else πŸ™‚


Since I have not found a good day time emulsion/essence yet and am probably home for the day anyway, I am using the Cactus Purifying mask for a follow-up treatment. Then a few shots of one of my fave face mists from Mario Badescu. That’s it, simple but mostly effective for my Sunday skin.

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