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The A’Peeling C200

I am always keen to try a new face peel, I have become a bit of a peel addict. It’s hard not to be when the quickest way to smooth, bright skin is to slough off the old, dead skin. A peel that I have been using recently is the Wish Formula C200 Bubble Peeling Pad, a peel pad that is soused in Vitamin C and AHA’s.  I came upon these when I started my K-Beauty research, these make the best seller list on several websites and overall, the reviews are literally glowing 😛


You can purchase these as single packets or in a package of 4, there is a little bit of cost savings for the 4-pack ($24) but these are on the spendier side at $7 each. The plastic sleeve is super cute and looks like a beaker but could be a touch smaller since all of the product is inside of the teenie sponge. The delivery of the product is definitely unique, it’s almost like a powder puff with one rough side and one soft side that is soaked in liquid, you are supposed to squish the pad until it suds and then work the liquid over you face for 2-3 minutes. I leave the pad in the plastic sleeve and squish it in there as this is a tad less messy. There is a ton of solution and the sponge gets crazy sudsy, I felt like I had wasted the first sponge since I only used it on my face, now I use it in the shower and can peel my face, arms, neck and chest with it. This peel is potent, I have used tons of peels and this has been one of few that made me hesitate at how much it was tingling – it wasn’t burning but there is a noticeable tingle. I would say that I have sensitive skin but if you have particularly sensitive skin, this one might not be for you. I didn’t like the way that the rough side of the sponge felt on my face, it was too exfoliating, I used the soft side of the sponge and let the chemicals do the work. The recommended usage is up to 3 times a week but once a week is plenty for me. I love, love how smooth and poreless this product makes my complexion appear but my skin would melt off if I used it too often. Also, since the largest pack is only a 4-pack, using it regularly would get expensive quick. Though my skin was beet-red after use, this dissipated one I had followed up with a PH balancing toner and moisturizing serum. My skin didn’t feel tight or dehydrated and I didn’t have any broken or irritated skin in the morning, my skin was glowing. I use a much gentler exfoliator on the in between days because I don’t want to irritate my skin and this works for my complexion. I would say that the results last for a few days – I have so far used one 4-pack and I am addicted. I would love to see these offered in a larger quantity, they have definitely become a staple in my skincare routine!


I would recommend to anyone who is familiar with using peels but would hesitate to think that this would be good for someone as a first time peel product. I still love it, just takes some getting used to.

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    • Stella

      It is! I haven’t used anything quite like it before, I like the whole presentation. Me as well, my skin doesn’t do well in the winter but this was amazing and so potent – skin looks great! Definitely recommend!

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