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Valentine’s Day Tag

Tired of hearing about V-day? These are for you:

This tag is from last year but I gave it a little reboot – enjoy!

I Found My Valentine*^|Gummie, cinnamon hearts – yea, you should only eat 1 or 2 but they are so delicious. I have an addition to this, I recently discovered these Sea Salt Caramels from Russell Stover and I hope that they are seasonal because I am addicted.

I Found My Valentine*^|Sweethearts suck, talk about Depression-era candy and I am allergic to strawberries. Worst choices ever but I guess I would have to take those tooth cracking, powdery pieces of chemical tasting sugar abominations. I mean, they are really gross – it can’t just be me! I think they are made of the same stuff as candy cigarettes – hands up if you remember candy cigarettes! Side note, as someone who has some dangerous food allergies I cannot believe that parents are boycotting Peter Rabbit. Not to get all ‘when I was a kid’ on everybody’s asses but when I was a kid – I ate in the nurse’s office. There were no concessions made for me, no signs posted, no peanut free classes and it was nobody’s responsibility but mine and my parents. Kids do mean shit all of the time, are we just now outraged about this?

I Found My Valentine*^|I was actually really nervous on my first public school V-day. Would I get any cards? Would people like my cards? My parents were the type that everyone got a card from me and I got to make them, they were so fabulous! And I got loads of cards and a good time was had by all. I was an odd kid so this was a big deal for me 😀

I Found My Valentine*^| You’ve Got Mail – duh. I know that I have said this numerous times before but Pretty Woman is not romantic! It is a tragedy, it never would have worked.

I Found My Valentine*^|I like to take ski trips! Not to celebrate but Valentine’s Day marks some of the last good snowboarding conditions in the Midwest. You can usually get V-Day weekend deals too but since it is on a Tuesday this year, that won’t happen 🙁 (Wednesday this year but same goes).I Found My Valentine*^|Pink – I have a hard time with red lips, they always bleed and I look maniacal.

I Found My Valentine*^|I have a black sweater with white hearts on it, I’ve had it for years and I just love it for work. I wear it with a red corduroy skirt – nothing fancy. I think this question is actually more for date night outfits, which does not apply to yours truly. Legit still wearing the sweater but with a black skirt this year – I just realized how very not festive I am today.

I Found My Valentine*^|Homemade! The crafts and baking stuff out this year are absolutely adorable (they get better every year). I have goodie bags with chocolate spoons and hot chocolate and other little bits (still do this). And of course some bitchin’ cup cakes!

I Found My Valentine*^|I don’t have to worry about this one anymore – the hair does what it wants!

Side note. the BF sent me flowers today totally randomly (well, it’s V-day, dur) and it is the first time that I have received flowers since a play in high school when I was Anne of Green Gables. I never considered myself a flowers kinda’ gal but I could definitely get used to this. I hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.


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  • stashy

    You’re allergic to strawberries? What other foods are you allergic to…?
    “You’ve Got Mail” is a far superior movie… is “Pretty Woman” even a romance?
    Aww very sweet of your boyfriend to send you flowers! :<3

    • Stella

      Sure am! Strawberries, peanuts, raw tomatoes, kiwi, shellfish…strawberries are the least dangerous, I would have to actually eat them.

      Right?! I don’t think it’s romantic, I used to but as I’ve gotten older I can’t get over the bizarre story line. Hooker turned wife, not romantic 😂

      Thanks, it was – I was very surprised!

    • Stella

      Eh – I’ve always wondered what they taste like 😂 Haha! I still can’t believe those were a thing, I also enjoyed them but something went wrong with the candy hearts.

      It was very unexpected, thank you 😘

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