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I purchased the Chimes of Freedom 50th Anniversary Amnesty International album as soon as it was released back in 2012. I am a huge Bob Dylan fan, this album is a mix of his most iconic songs and the proceeds go to the human rights organization, Amnesty International. Now, I am not a fan of reboots, remixes, reinterpretations, re-releases, you get the idea and I thought that most of these modern artists would miss the mark. I have been pleasantly surprised and this album remains one of my favourites to listen to on any occasion. I was really shocked that I enjoyed songs by some artists that I had never heard of or plain just don’t like, it was interesting to see what the musicians changed about the songs. Sure, there are some duds or ones that are just not my taste but I really enjoy the album as a whole. I do have some faves though, here are my recommendations from the album:

This Wheel’s on Fire  – Charlie Winston


Changing of the Guards – The Gaslight Anthem


Not Dark Yet – Silversun Pickups


Boots of Spanish Leather – The Airborne Toxic Event


Heart of Mine – Blake Mills


You’re Gonna Make me Lonesome When You Go – Miley Cyrus


License to Kill – Elvis Costello


Love Minus Zero – Jackson Browne


Property of Jesus – Sinead O’Connor


Senor – Dierks Bentley


I think that these artists did an especially good job at respecting the original arrangements while adding their own flare. Even though the artists are from completely different genres and have varying styles, the album still has wonderful harmony and flows from each song to the next. It might help to be a Bob Dylan fan but even if you aren’t it’s a fantastic album. It is available to stream on Youtube but can also be purchased and like I said, the proceeds fund a worthwhile organization.

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