5 Movies I’ve Never Seen

I have been on a YouTube cleanse, meaning I consciously unplugged from watching it because drama. I feel that everyone just runs a drama channel these days, I don’t need fake drama – I can watch the fucking news. Although, slow clap for Kim Jong Un for being willing to talk about relinquishing nuclear weapons (still a fascist). I mean, how is it that such a tyrant is less of a demagogue than The 45!? Anyway, I think it’s hysterical that Tati, who has vlogged her Botox procedures releases a dietary supplement for skin, hair and nails. I mean, I feel that she could have guessed that there would be some backlash. But on the flip side, she seems to know her skincare and I don’t think that she is being deceptive. I don’t recall this much backlash over those hair gummies that seem to be hugely popular. I’m all caught up now, resuming the cleanse.

I was recently reading an article about movies that most everyone has seen and in fairness it did say most everyone but I still had not watched at least 10 of them! I watch a ton of movies, I’ll watch anything but I do have a shortlist of movies that I have failed to see:

The Matrix – I am as surprised as anyone that I have not seen this, Keanu Reeves is definitely one of my favourite actors but I am just not interested. I get the references only because my generation was obsessed with this movie, I am guessing at least half a dozen boys from my class dressed as Neo for Halloween (and on other occasions where costumers were not required). I just don’t get the whole premise – red pills, blue pills – take all of the pills for all I care.


The Notebook – I feel like the plot of this movie is something that I would be interested in – forbidden love, crying in the rain, build me a house, blah, blah, blah but I just can’t. Can I say it? I just don’t like Ryan Gosling. Not sorry about it.

Mission Impossible – Another movie that seems like something I would enjoy but really, this could be a list of all of the Tom Cruise movies I haven’t seen. I can generally get past who the actor/actress is if they are good in the role but not when it comes to Tom Cruise. Can’t stand him.


Groundhog Day – Yup, never seen it although the most famous one liners have been ingrained into my subconscious.

Edward Scissorhands – I don’t really know what this movie is about but I recall thinking that it must be terrifying when I was a kid and I refused to watch it, I stuck to that apparently. The BF actually gave me a special edition release a few years ago and I never watched it, maybe I mentioned wanting to see it or he thought I’d like it? Not sure but I could watch it if I wanted to 😛

How about you, what popular movies have you skipped?

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  • JR

    Haha, I just wrote a post about classic films I’ve never seen, spoiler Casablanca.
    Edward sissorhands is really good. However, if you’ve watched other Tim Burton movies and don’t like his style you won’t like it. Groundhog day is great for chuckle. I could take or leave the others.

    • Stella

      Haha! Eh, Casablanca was hard to get through, it’s supposed to be one of the great romances but it wasn’t quite a romance but not quite historical fiction to me. I don’t get it 😄 I’m hit or miss with Tim Burton, honestly! I’d consider checking it out though, always heard it’s good. I might get around to the others but good to know I’m not missing much!

  • Tiffany

    I’ve seen all the others. I’m not Ryan Gosling fan, either. Edward Scissorhands isn’t scary really. It was good, in a Tim Burton way.

    • Stella

      Yea, I don’t get the appeal – I have seen him in quite a few roles and he always seems a little creepy and goonie 🙂 I like some Tim Burton films, I will have to check it out some day!

  • Britney

    I’ve never seen any of these movies either, except for Edward Scissorhands (which I grew up watching as a kid, and I love it). I do want to see Groundhog Day at some point.

    • Stella

      I recall it being quite popular when I was growing up, I might have to check it out sooner than later! Agreed, I’d like to see Groundhog Day but whenever I am picking a movie to watch it just doesn’t call my name 🙂

  • hoiyinli

    Edward Scissorhands is actually one of my all-time favourite films growing up! I have watched it countless of times.its still very unique to me haha.

    Agreed about The Notebook!!! I think the hype made my opinion of it worse. I tried to watch it because of the hype but couldn’t get past a couple minutes – not my cup of tea. Also don’t get the hype of Ryan Gosling – don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him or anyone for that matter but I think it just so happens that his films are not my cup of tea lol. 🤷

    I need to watch The Matrix *properly*…I have watched parts of it but not fully from start to finish so my recollection of the film is patchy.

    • Stella

      Really?! I am going to have to check it out, it was a very popular movie when I was growing up but it just creeped me out 😀

      I have seen a few of his movies and yes, just not for me. He clearly has a niche but it’s lost on me. It is such a hyped movie, I could totally see how it would be a let down given how much it gets talked up.

      Haha – well, tell me about it when you do, I just have to pass 🙂

  • Lee

    I’ve watched the notebook a few times and enjoyed it but I could never explain it to someone lol just some small parts I remember. I first saw Edward scissorhands in high school during class, a weird yet interesting movie I found it to be. I’ve watched it again a few times after that and I’d definitely watch it again

    • Stella

      Haha! I think that everyone I know has watched it but I’ve never been interested. I have heard good things, I should check it out – Tim Burton does have quite a few good movies!

  • ayrgalaxy

    Omg the matrix is one of my favorite movies lol. Basically Neo makes a decision on whether or not he wants to know the truth about the world, and I like it because in a way, it mirrors real life in a way that not everyone thinks about. We literally watched this movie in philosophy class and it was pretty mind/eye opening 👀
    I’ve never seen the notebook either but I do like Ryan gosling in certain movies, like Drive (even though he only has a handful of lines—actions speak louder than words, lol).. BUT my godmother handed me the book among other two lol.
    And I don’t remember Edward scissordhands as being scary. It’s been years since I watched it though lol

    • Stella

      Haha! Well, good to know that it has more substance that I had originally thought. My exposure to it was only through teenage boys so they probably didn’t convey the meaning accurately 😀 It does sound interesting though!
      I have not seen Drive but heard it is good. I didn’t know that he didn’t have a lot of lines in that one. I dunno, just something about him.
      I should see it, I generally do like Tim Burton films!

      • ayrgalaxy

        No they really didn’t haha. They all were so entranced by the slow motion action scenes lmao. I’ll admit their cool but that’s not what the movie is about 😂
        Yeah some people don’t like it because there’s little to no talking and they think the scenes are kind of long and on going but I love that it’s different. The scenes are well done, and while at the surface they seem too simple, I think the actors do a good job at portraying emotions and feelings without words. Idk, I’m obsessed with the movie but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea lol.
        Yeah he has some pretty awesome films! 😄

        • Stella

          Haha! Yup – that’s pretty much the sum total of what I know about the movie.
          Interesting, I think that the BF owns it but I have not watched it but it sounds different! Thanks for the insight 🙂

  • ultimatefanaticsblog

    As someone who didn’t think much of the movie before seeing it, I thought the Matrix was well worth watching. There’s plenty of symbolism and really cool effects in the movie. It didn’t really blow my mind, and I wouldn’t put it in my Top 10, but it’s well worth a viewing

    • Stella

      I keep hearing that there is more to the story than I assumed! I am still considering checking it out, definitely sounds more interesting the more that I hear. Thanks for the insight 🙂

      • ultimatefanaticsblog

        Absolutley! And I remember you talking about the red and blue pill, I won’t spoil the movie but that scene is known to be a symbol and kind of a theme about the choices we make in life. Whether we want to be comfortable or uncomfortable, that kind of stuff!

        • Stella

          Interesting, at least it seems to have more substance than I had originally thought! I like the main actors too, I’m almsot convinced 😊

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