5 Things This Millennial Wants from a Job

Tired of hearing about millennials, me fucking too – especially when you, like myself, am on the older end and have no ability to identify with those born in the late 90’s. I still argue that there should be another generation in there but isn’t that just like a millenial to complain about it? While reading an article about what millenials want in the workplace, it got me thinking about what I actually want but based on this article, here is what I should want and what I think about it.

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What a pretentious statement, I just want benefits – I mean, if you have the luxury of being picky then stick it out for a company that offers what you want. Some of the desired benefits listed are tuition reimbursement and college savings plans, that’s all fine and well but find an employer that offers those rather than accept a job and then bitch about the lack of benefits.

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Apparently, millenials have a reputation for job-hopping and to all employers – see above. If you don’t have what I want, then I will move on – why sit and rot in a job that isn’t satisfying you? Perhaps this attitude is representative of a generation that has always had it pretty good when it comes to the economy. Really, I am on the fence with the loyalty thing, if loyalty mattered to companies then they wouldn’t lay people off in a matter of hours but expect a two week notice from employees who are leaving #justsaying

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Sure do but mostly I just want to be able to opt out of Social Security, I can manage my own retirement plan and feel confident that it will actually be there when I cannot work anymore.

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I actually think it’s unfair of employees to expect a company to accommodate their needs outside of the 9-5 and this is where I split with a lot of friends who are new parents. Also, as a single, childless employee there is more pressure to work late, work weekends, and basically just have my ass at work all of the time. Again, there are companies that value the family dynamic, find one and work there.

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Yes and no – I don’t need time off to volunteer, I just do it outside of working hours. Would it be cool to have this option? Maybe but it’s not a deal breaker. I actually care more about environmental impact and what companies are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. If more companies don’t start making an actual effort to save the environment, our social impact will simply be that we are all dead #justsaying

If your’re a millennial (or not), do you agree or disagree with the points made in the article?

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  • JR

    I absolutely would value a company that’s doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint over one that just doesn’t care. Where I work currently doesn’t recycle and it drives me insane because we use a LOT of paper, and it’s really not that hard to get a recycle dumpster and bins for the office. But no one with any say seems to care or be willing to get it implemented.

    • Stella

      Same! I was really surprised that nothing was mentioned about this in the article, I have to imagine that it is important to a number of people. I am lucky in that we do really well with recycling/composting at my workplace but I know how frustrating it is to work in at a place that doesn’t and with people who fail to grasp the impact. It isn’t that hard!! That is what is so annoying, it is such a small thing and great place to start with being sustainable. Good luck though, I hope more people think like us!

  • thoughtfulpigeon

    I’m not even sure I know what a millennial is or if I am one 😆. I’d agree with the loyalty as you said, I think it is important to be loyal, but only if the company itself is loyal too. It’s a two way thing. Also the carbon footprint thing, how is that not more important? Sure social awareness is important but companies should be putting more effort into helping the environment for the future.

    • Stella

      Hahaha! The age range for millennials is everyone currently ages 18-34. Like late 80’s to 2000 birth years. Agreed, it’s definitely a two way thing. I was shocked, I feel that lots of us are worried about the environment. I don’t know who they polled but it’s at the top of my list!

  • lifewithmrst

    These are all great points and maybe I am a little cynical but as long as money is being made, companies don’t really care whether you have family time or a work/Life balance, it’s all about business. The whole ethos needs to change as it doesn’t consider employers

    • Stella

      And the more money that ‘needs’ to be made equates to more hours, less staff and more responsibility for employees. Even Amazon, one of the most profitable companies in existence just laid off 100’s of workers. Seems like nobody knows how to run a business anymore!

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