A Case of Too Many Cases

The BF watches a lot of foreign films which tend to be pretty interesting but inevitably what ends up happening is that I am glued to the television while he is dinking around! While he owns most of them, I’ve probably actually watched more of them. I give Bluebeard a 9/10 – I don’t know what he thought of it since he wasn’t the one watching it πŸ˜›

We purchased new phones this weekend which I find irritating – they cost way too much for how long they end up lasting. Mine is still in good condition but I also don’t really take it everywhere, it lives in my purse aside from when I need to charge it. I just don’t get the cellphone dependency thing, does anyone purchase a cellphone anymore for the purpose of making calls? It doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, new phone means new case and I am having a tough time picking. I like my cases to be unique and Etsy has a great selection, here are a few that I have my eye on:




Atlantek Designs








I kinda’ want them all but how many phone cases does one need and by the time I got around to using them all, it would be time for a new phone. I have not ordered from these retailers specifically but have had good luck with cases from Etsy shops, the designs hold up pretty well. What looks good to you?

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