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The next time that I have to consider if a book is worth the emotional upset of finishing or not, I have got to just stop reading the book. I finished Sunburn, talk about an emotional train-wreck – I am still distraught. Even though I have almost convinced myself that the plot is wildly unrealistic and I say almost because I believe mankind to be the only monsters that exist and capable of most evils, I am still upset about how it ended. I was not expecting that ending – I don’t even know if I recommend the book or not because it was just such a tragedy. I have to listen to a couple of Harry Potters to cleanse my palate. Although, I have only read the last 3 books maybe once or twice as even they are too sad for me in my old age.


Enough blubbering, I picked up a product that I never thought I would use again and really have only gone back to it in desperation. I am talking about the original bareminerals powder foundation. Honestly, it might be the original mineral foundation but don’t quote me on that. This was the first ever high-end bit of makeup that I purchased for myself and it was a part of my first Sephora order over 10 years ago. Ah, memories. I used to exclusively use bareminerals makeup but don’t have much from the brand that I consider staples now. I stopped using this foundation when I started getting wrinkles and couldn’t stand the way that it looked. I have gone back to it for two reasons; SPF and it’s quick. I use SPF religiously but I have noticed some freckles on my cheeks that are driving me nuts, I am assuming that I am not getting enough sun protection. Sure, this foundation is only SPF 15 but at least it’s another layer – I don’t want all of my anti-aging efforts to be ruined by sum damage. This product also makes for a quick face and can be touched up pretty easily if I am outside during the day. I have not been using this foundation all on its own, I use it to kick off setting powder but I do know that it does provide amazing coverage and I always found it to be long-wearing. The fairest 01 shade is a touch too dark for me but has worked for me during the summer in the past.


It’s been like riding a bike going back to this former staple, it seriously requires zero technique to get this product chucked on and the results are very lovely. I have not so far experienced any intense dryness like I used to and I hope to be able to wear this at least through the summer. I forgot why I loved this product so much but it’s all coming back to me now!

What’s an old fave that you have recently rediscovered?

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