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Best of February

I skipped a Best of January because I didn’t have many products that I had been using habitually and really liking and I was trying a lot of new things. I try not to get in the habit of having all new products as favourites but it does happen. For February, I have quite a few products that I did just start using at the beginning of the year but have used them consistently enough now to know that I really do like them so here they are!


Real Techniques Brush Crush – OK, legit the last time that I will talk about these πŸ˜› I am obsessed with these brushes though! I purchased them on pure aesthetic and they have turned out to be such great quality. I have been using the Powder Bleu brushes almost exclusively recently but these are awesome too. The bristles are so soft, they disperse product evenly and am happy to report that they wash really well too. They are limited edition, if you see them, I would recommend snagging them! Plus, they will make you feel like a pretty princess while you are doing your makeup – if you are into that kinda’ thing πŸ™‚


Wet ‘N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer – I purchased this on a whim when the matte version was out of stock and I love it. It is very illuminating and I feel like it is hydrating but I could be imagining this. It is a bit shimmery when first applied but once my foundation and powder is on, I am left with a healthy glow that lasts all day. I also like mixing a shot of this with a shot of the matte version if I want some pore filling action. Definitely recommend, for a $4 primer it is pretty great.


SkinRx Lab MadeCera Face Cream – I have been curious about this product and when I saw it in ULTA I took that as a sign. This is a deeply hydrating cream that claims to improve skin elasticity, fight premature aging and reduce inflammation. I have been using this primarily at night, it isn’t too sticky or tacky – the texture is silky and it absorbs quickly. The cream has definitely helped with the dryness that I experience around my mouth and the ruddiness that I get from cold weather on my cheeks and chin. I have worn it during the day but I have a daytime face cream that I really love and don’t think that I will switch anytime soon.

Benton Fermenation Eye Cream – We all know that I am a die-hard Kiehl’s fanatic when it comes to eye cream but I have been curious about fermented products for some time now. The fermentation process is supposed to foster the growth of a whole host of good things like enzymes, fatty-acids and probiotics. Am I totally sold on this? I don’t really know but I do like this eye cream. It smells a little pungent which shouldn’t have surprised me since it is fermented and it isn’t terrible. The texture is silky and almost whipped feeling, I have been using this during the day and I just like the way that my under eyes look. Setting my under eyes inevitably highlights every fine line and crease but this helps. You also get over a full ounce of product which is unheard of for eye creams and can see this lasting a considerable amount of time. These links are both to SokoGlam which has been my fave online shopping site this month, seriously obsessed.


Paula’s Choice Resist Weightless Body Treatment – Another product that smells pretty funk but it works! I have rough, dry arms and shoulders, this lotion has done wonders at keeping my skin exfoliated and smooth. It has definitely taken some commitment, I have to use this every day and the progress isn’t overnight but I am seeing results. It is on the spendy side but I had been using Murad and this brand is considerably more affordable in comparison.


CosRx – I have enjoyed all of the products that I have so far tried from this brand. They are super affordable and effective, I cannot wait to explore more of what they have to offer and already have some products that I cannot live without!


Sheet masks! All of the sheet masks, except that May Coop one that peeled my eyelids. I have been enjoying the whole routine of using a sheet mask these last couple of months. I also think that my skin is looking pretty moist (the good moist) and healthy, due in large part to all of the serum-y goodness packed into sheet masks.


Those are some of the items that I was enjoying this last month, what were you loving in February?

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • stashy

    Those CosRx pimple patches are pretty awesome!
    Hmm I’m a die-hard Kiehl’s Midnight eye cream fan too as you know, but if you’re enjoying the Benton Fermenation Eye Cream – I might have to look into it! Do you use it for day or night time? I’ve never shopped on SokoGlam before, hope it ships to Canada.

    • Stella

      I really like them too! Midnight Recovery is still my go-to night but I’ve been using the Benton during the day. I love the texture, it just glides on. Definitely recommend, I hope they do too – such a cool site!

  • hoiyinli

    I believe I have that same brush too! I also bought it recently but it seems that you have the re-packaged, pretty version! I love the bristles on it – super soft.

    I have yet to try Cosrx. I have been meaning to try it since forever. I probably won’t haul any skincare until May/June now since I have a pile of skincare to get through at the moment! Sounds like you had a great, great month with your skincare and beauty finds though. πŸ™‚

    • Stella

      They are so lovely, Real Techniques always seems to nail it!

      I really like the items that I have tried from them so far. I like the ingredients and the effectiveness of the products. I have a whole pile now too, I should be purchasing anymore πŸ™‚ It was! I felt like I really found some new items that I love!

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