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Eating some toast, minding my own business when I get asked if I wanted to go to Easter Mass. My response, totally unthinking was, No – I’m cool on Christ. Even I was shocked that this came out of my mouth! I immediately flashed back to my youth when I was discussing the Pope at the time (JPII) with my grandparents and I said, I think he is probably going to kak soon. In my defense, he literally passed away later that same year so I wasn’t wrong. Should one use kak and His Holiness in the same sentence? I mean, it’s probably frowned upon but sometimes I just don’t want to come up with a polite, innocuous way of expressing myself. Being overly polite is exhausting, I guess it is a good sign though that I can recall every for instance where I legitimately did/said something truly offensive as this indicates that it couldn’t be happening that often. I could just try to be polite on some normal level, for example, when declining to sign up for a store card I could just say, No thank you instead of, No – but thank you for asking, I know that it is part of your job and I appreciate you making the effort. That is legit what I say, every time – I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Anyway, I think it’s time for a month-end Best Of roundup – here are some products that I was loving this month but I won’t lie, there aren’t that many:


Get Glossed Hair Serum – So after I had highlights put into my hair, I had a ton of breakage and was super upset because my hair is already so short that the baby hairs just stuck straight up. I have been using this hair oil to repair my damaged hair that will never, ever see a bottle of bleach again and to keep my hair from sticking up. This product smells really nice and it only takes about a pump for my short hair.

Venus Palette – This is a great palette for spring with the mauves and pinks, I busted this classic out in anticipation of the new Venus XL palette that recently came out and I cannot wait to start using. Lime Crime shadows are awesome and their palettes have such awesome artwork.

Body Hero Oil Wash – This was an acquired taste, at first I thought that it stunk and was disappointed that it didn’t lather, even though it is an oil wash, I guess I was expecting more lather. I got used to the scent, it’s definitely unique and more intense than what I am used to. The scent lingers subtly all day and this wash is very moisturizing. I will say that I wish that it came in a bigger bottle because I blow through this.

Rose Champagne Blush – It was an all things pink month and this pink blusher imparts the perfect wash of pigment that looks like a natural flush. I don’t know if this was a new addition to the shade range but I only just noticed it at the drugstore and had to try it.

Aside from skincare, I wasn’t trying many new things this month but wanted to do a small Best Of anyway. Also, here is a peek at the Venus XL palette and it’s stunning:


I did get through a couple of good books this month including, Force of Nature, Sunburn and Pet Cemetery. I couldn’t get into Jane Harper’s first novel, The Dry but I really enjoyed the narrator on Force of Nature and think I will give the audio book a whirl since this is turning into a series and I like the main character. Sunburn was such a unique story and Pet Sematary was a re-read, I actually listened to the newly recorded audio book with Michael C. Hall and he nailed it. That’s it for this month.

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  • hoiyinli

    The Pope story made me laugh – is that bad? 😂😝 I am generally quite polite but some days when I’m lazy to make the extra effort, people think I’m being standoffish and it’s quite annoying! (Cue resting bitch face, haha.)

    You are totally right – being overly nice is tiring so I just strive for a balance. I think one time I said something similarly rude to the cashier but I didn’t realise how rude it was till it came out of my mouth. It happens!

    • Stella

      Haha! I still think on that and feel terrible 😀 My grandparents were not amused. Right?! It is exhausting, I feel bad and hate to think that the one time I said something ruined someone’s day but people close to me have to know that I’m not like that. I hope.

      Me too! I have to constantly assess what my face is doing. I am glad it happens to other people and we can commiserate, makes me feel better 🙂

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