Chi for ULTA – First Impressions

It finally happened, I purchased a new blow dryer. The low cycle on my current model stopped working so I was having to dry my hair on high which sounded like a jet engine and made my hair way too fluffy. I also decided to purchase a new flat iron because they had a matching one due to the fact that my current one was making a crackling noise when I used it. There are noises that one’s electronic devices should not make, crackling is one of them. Both of these appliances were cheap and I realized that with all of the money that I am spending on replacing cheaper appliances, I can just invest in some good ones that will last a few years.

ULTA carries Chi and then Chi for ULTA beauty which is slightly less expensive but honestly, not by much. I was planning on purchasing the black but how gorgeous is this robin’s egg blue shade? I really like the matte, rubberized texture and hope that it doesn’t get dirty. Both the dryer and the iron have at least 6-foot long cords which might be useful if your outlet isn’t right near your vanity but since mine is, the extra chord kind of gets in the way. The weight of the dryer is a touch heavier than what I am used to but it feels really solid and isn’t unmanageable. I feel that the iron is a touch shorter than the first Chi that I owned, it has a 1-inch width and is very light. Aesthetic for both tools is a 10/10.


I am absolutely sold on the blow dryer, it’s perfect, quiet and provides a really nice dry. It has high/low settings with a cool air switch. I don’t dry my hair on hot but if you do, this might be worth considering. The output on low is more than enough to get a quick dry without singing your scalp and the high output wasn’t terribly intense but I’ll probably skip it.

Now, the flat iron that I am slightly on the fence with. First, it has a temperature range which my previous Chi did not, there was one temperature. It was the perfect temperature, I have no idea what it was but I don’t feel that this iron gets quite as hot as I would like it. Also, the power and temp buttons are in between the paddles which makes for a streamlined aesthetic but I wouldn’t mind them being on the side. Finally, the power light turns on as soon as the iron is plugged in regardless of whether or not a temp has been selected but it doesn’t seem like it heats just because the power is on. Chi is kinda’ known for their flat irons and this one didn’t blow me away.


Overall, I think they are gorgeous and I am glad to have finally replaced my fire-hazard electronics πŸ˜€ I love the dryer but wish that the iron had been more like my original Chi but I will keep working with it.

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