ColourPop Dream St.

I have been reading/watching a lot of man vs. nature horror/thriller stuff recently and its all but ruined camping for me. This is odd for me as I grew up near heavily wooded areas and we would go off in the woods all of the time, we never got lost and I don’t ever recall even the fear of getting lost. Anyway, they all start the same, camping in unknown terrain, it’s probably raining, the person manning the compass does not know how to use it or read a map, someone gets a head wound – you get the idea. I just finished Force of Nature by Jane Harper and I have always wanted to explore The Bush, (the Bush…?) and even though I am not a rookie camper, I imagine that such wild terrain would pose some fairly insurmountable obstacles. I am pretty certain that I wouldn’t drop my tent in a river (honestly, who are these people) or do something equally asinine but I think it would be pretty daunting and am tabling this desire for now. Plus, I didn’t know that kookaburras are carnivorous and this knowledge really sealed the deal. Is there anything more unsettling than a carnivorous bird? You expect animals like pythons and wildcats to be dangerous but not little birds, creeps me out.


I finally ordered the Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Dream St. palette – I was going back and forth on this one as it had some really unique colours but not all of the palettes have been winners for me. This is a 12-pan palette with a ton of neutrals but also some unique pops like Water Bearer (matte, cool teal), Spark (matte neon red) and Mermaid Boy (metallic deep teal). All the matte shades feel really nice, I was expecting the deep teal and deep brown to feel gritty but was pleasantly surprised. I am a tad disappointed with Spark, it was a bit patchy and not as vibrant as it appears in the pan but I think it’s going to work on the eyes – we’ll see. My other disappointment is Mermaid Boy – not because it isn’t gorgeous but because it’s almost an exact dupe for MUG’s Insomnia which I own and can be duped out with the ‘Definer’ shade in the original Comfort Zone Palette which, I also own. Moral of the story, stop purchasing new makeup because you already own something similar.


I think it’s still a gorgeous palette, the formula feels great for all of the finishes and I know that I can get a ton of looks from it. On the whole, I enjoy ColourPop palettes even though I have been disappointed in a couple but chalk that up to them being over-hyped. If you have been eyeing this one, I think it would make a great summer/fall palette!


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