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It seems like there is a new beauty brand launching every minute of every day. I don’t recall the beauty industry being so saturated when I was a kid and would go with my mom to the makeup counter. There were like 5 brands and generally, she would purchase all of her items from one counter. Now there are 100’s of brands pedaling much of the same bullshit and generally new brands don’t interest me. Seen it, seen it, seen it. They think their no-name products are worth how much?! I took a second look at Volition Beauty mostly because of their packaging and some ingredients that caught my eye but became more interested in the brand after visiting their website.

This company is bringing ‘democracy to beauty’ which are their words not mine but essentially this means that anyone can present an idea to their team. Developers then determine the feasibility and reality of actually creating this idea, it then gets farmed out to their online community for voting and if the product receives enough votes then the product is developed and made available for sale. I think it is a fascinating business model, instead of a finite team of creative thinkers and developers – they have created a model to capitalize on the ideas from an infinite number of contributors. They don’t have a ton of products which I think is great, some of these brands just seem to be vomiting products all of the time. Also, I feel that it is somewhat of a gamble for them to run with other people’s ideas so the process is probably fairly intensive. Too bad I don’t have any great ideas πŸ™‚

Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50

Neroli Complete Creme


Sun Pearls SPF 30


The brand is cruelty-free and I appreciate their mission – I cannot think of another brand that is doing something remotely similar. They do have a limited selection available online at Sephora but I would rather support their site.

Have you heard of this brand?

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