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Dear, Klairs

I have conceded to the fact that I will have to purchase a new car in the very near future. This is very bothersome, I pride myself on how long I have owned the one vehicle. Others probably just see a rusty POS (rusty but trusty) but to me, it symbolizes a fight against the disposable lifestyle that first world countries have become accustomed to. Cars are not disposable, houses are not disposable – they should be rationed instead of manufactured, bought and sold with reckless abandon. I guess the only thing that I am excited to have in a new car is a working stereo system which is the only thing in my 20+ year old car that doesn’t work, more on this irritating chore later.

I mentioned a few posts back  (I think) that I was applying body lotion to my face and even though this is like right up there with don’t put hairspray on your face – I love the Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion. I am not usually sold on multi-use products, they almost always tend to work for only one or two of the laundry list of supposed uses but this lotion really does hydrate all of my skin. At first I assumed that since it was thin and emollient enough for a face lotion that it wouldn’t hydrate other parts of my body but this has not been the case! After I apply my skincare, I literally use this lotion from head to toe and it provides plenty of moisture over the course of the day. I apply two layers around my mouth where I tend to get dry spots and this lotion layers and absorbs like a dream. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue, it doesn’t feel heavy and it wears well under makeup. It is completely unscented which also makes it perfect for a face product and is formulated with some very interesting ingredients including; celery, cabbage, carrot, broccoli and tomato extracts – I am into it. I wouldn’t categorize this as a serious anti-aging product, all of the stuff that I apply under it takes care of that and this is just a nice, everyday product. It hasn’t irritated my skin or clogged my pores and it’s a steal at roughly 20 bucks for a little over 8 ounces – this bottle is going to last forever!


Another product that I had been eyeing but kept putting off purchasing until I read more about it in Siyana’s post and had to try, the Supple Preparation Facial Toner. As she mentioned, I was also surprised at the almost jelly-like consistency of this toner. I have only used toners that are essentially like water but I really like the way this feels, it is instantly soothing and hydrating. I don’t apply with a cotton pad, I just dump a bit in my hands and pat in. It smells really lovely and is formulated with; lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, licorice and orange peel. I don’t mind the added essential oils but I know that this can cause irritation to sensitive skin so beware. I see that they have released a fragrance-free version which I am also keen to try.



Not only have I really been enjoying this brand’s products, I like their mantra of Simple But Enough. Products can be so packed with crap that it’s nice to use something that delivers on a few simple promises. This brand also caters to sensitive skin which is great but I think it depends on what someone is sensitive to, I consider my skin to be quite sensitive and it has been soaking these products up with no issue. I definitely want to try more, I have a serum that I am testing out and will report back once I have used it a bit longer but so far, so good!

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  • hoiyinli

    At one point,I started seeing this brand pop up on a lot of skincare posts on my Instagram feed but I never really checked them out so thanks for this post! I will have to see where I can maybe try and grab some of these products because they sound fantastic! You’re right – I’m in the midst of reviewing some products and I guess I just need to pay more attention to the marketing fluff and ingredients they use because a lot of it is rubbish!

    • Stella

      I read an article that listed the lotion as a top Korean product to try and finally gave in. I think it’s a great brand so far, definitely recommend 😊 Right?! I just saw a face cream that boasted ‘space travel technology’ and I was like – what? Haha! Gotta’ get back to basics!

    • Stella

      It is! I haven’t really used another product like it. It’s a ’93 Protege – only car I’ve ever owned! There’s literally nothing wrong with it except extreme rust which was a problem with old Mazdas. I’m like a pothole away from the engine just falling out 😂

      • starringpamela

        Hahahaha! Wow that’s one awesome sounding car haha! They don’t make cars to last like that anymore. I feel like my coworkers with newer cars that always need to get them fixed.

          • starringpamela

            Well I have a slightly “older” car myself. I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla and honestly I love my car. I never have any issues with it (well except a recalled airbag that was replaced for free by Toyota). I’ve had it for like two or three years now. I recommend the Corollas in case you want a place to start!

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