First Impression Friday – Shape Tape Foundation

Yup, I am that bitch. The one who lists out a number of logical reasons as to why she isn’t going to buy something, why she doesn’t need something and then gets totally peer pressured into purchasing something. One of my gal pals claimed that this was the best foundation that she had ever tried and I was sold. I had not watched or read many reviews on this product aside from knowing that the shade range was very limited and it is. There were signs in ULTA that said there were more shades online but even so there are only 18 shades. It surprises me that with more brands launching 40 shades at a time that tarte thought they could get away with this. Even for pale complexions, I felt that the shades were odd and I did have to get shade matched in store. There are two finishes and I chose the matte finish because I have found that dewy or hydrating finishes tend to break me out. So, is it the best foundation that I have ever tried?




First, the shade, Neutral Fair which does work for my skin tone is not neutral and has a very pinky/peach undertone to it. The foundation is a lot more pink than the Light Neutral concealer that I use but it works for me. I don’t love the applicator, it is the same doe-foot as the concealer only bigger and it is easy to apply too much product. The consistency is thinner than I thought it would be but I realized when I opened a new tube of Shape Tape concealer that I probably had it for too long and it was starting to dry up. The coverage is amazing and the matte formula isn’t too matte, my skin doesn’t look lifeless or too flat. It does dry just as fast as the concealer and I get a better finish with a damp BB rather than with a brush. My only issue with this is that I feel that I am wearing a foundation mask when I use a BB, hence the reason I switched to brushes. However, this foundation does wear really, really well and my face looks mostly intact at the end of a work day. I didn’t experience much creasing or any cakiness and get a solid 10 hours of wear. I did get some bald patches where my sunglasses touched my face but – isn’t that always the way? It doesn’t oxidize or settle in pores and I gotta’ say that it is pretty amazing. But also, I think that one could just use their concealer as foundation and get the same results. Yea. you would blow through a ton of product but it’s literally the same. I cannot speak to the finish of the hydrating foundation but the matte is just like a giant concealer without the weight. Overall, I definitely like this foundation but cannot say that it is the best that I have tried.

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  • Sandra Lewrey

    Ha, I do the same thing with bands – “Holy crap, these guys SUCK. I hate them so much! Ugh, these stupid videos…” And then inevitably two days later I’m all, “Well, actually, I’ve hate-listened to them so much, I kind of love them now.” Glad to know it’s not just me, and it also applies to beauty items!

    • Stella

      Hate-listening 😂 Definitely been there but never had a term for it. Haha! Totally, I was so convinced that I wasn’t purchasing this foundation and yet here we are!

  • llindaxxo

    Great first impressions! It has definitely peaked my interest in this product because I actually don’t like how thick the concealer is and it always creased on me. I might end up trying this foundation, but definitely not any time soon. There are so many other releases that interest me more.

    • Stella

      It is surprisingly thinner than the concealer, I don’t know why I thought that it was going to be thicker. It is nice but I agree, definitely more interesting releases at the moment!

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