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Five Thoughts & A Photo

*Chasing Stars^^

Or stick to PBS or not-for profit stations. I read this very important story this morning: Dating app bans guns in profile photos. Who is posing with a firearm in a profile photo?! Please remove yourself from the gene pool. What is the thought process behind this choice of prop, you know what turns people on, guns. I mean, I might understand someone wanting to use a hunting photo, I grew up hunting, I get it but a classy head shot will do. Well, I could also understand a service photo and it sounds as though the app will account for those. But to all gentlemen in uniform, you can skip the guns – I just want to see the uniform 😛 Regardless of how you feel about gun control/laws, this is the most asinine thing that I have ever heard (recently). I just have so many questions, the fact that a policy had to be adopted makes me wonder how many people were doing this and how exactly they were incorporating this particular prop. Also, the fact that it was a news story was a tad silly. Not to mention, between watching this and then ranting about it – I’m at a 15 minute time commitment.

*Chasing Stars^^

I was recently at a bar, (I am as shocked as anyone) and I was people watching mostly because the BF was talking shop with the other folks at the table and I realized that I could never date again. I actually heard a very tipsy young lady give this sage advice to her male companion: You have to get over being nice. Did I mention that I was also eavesdropping and by sage advice I mean terrible advice? That’s the dating pool apparently, people posing with guns or people who are too nice and need to get over it. Sign me up for dying alone.

*Chasing Stars^^

Who determined that was the recommended serving size?! I need hummus on my sandwiches and on the side for dipping. It’s not like it’s mayonnaise, I get why there is a recommended serving size for that but I put hummus on everything! Who sets the serving size anyway, I should probably know that. I Googled it, the FDA and USDA share this task – it takes 2 agencies to manage this apparently.

*Chasing Stars^^

Two things here, that is not actually the lyric in the song that got me going down this wormhole and my understanding of the definition of Pagan is someone who is essentially irreligious whether passively or aggressively.  I would define myself as a passive Pagan, I don’t really believe in anything but I am not going to try and convince others that there isn’t something to believe in. I used to believe that given the fact that religion transcends a vast majority of cultures starting from the dawn of mankind that there had to be something there. I now believe that men (as in mankind not just males) are the worst type of narcissists who cannot accept our own mortality and therefore we have created religion to protect our egos. Back to the lyric, it seems to me that when life is generally good that religion, mortality, afterlife, divine beings, you get the idea are pushed to the back of my consciousness. But when something bad happens that I don’t feel like I can cope with given my worldly means, I suddenly have a religious streak. For example, I was watching a news story (again with the news) about Ghouta and all of the children who are being wounded or killed and in response I vocally made a plea to God that he would protect the children. Where did that come from? I literally have no idea but it was interesting and tragic that I sought divine intervention to deal with conflict created by men. They are just men, killing other men and women and children, it should only take men to stop them but we can’t stop them.

*Chasing Stars^^

And I don’t know how to feel about it, in my defense it is the Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Body Lotion and it claims to be good for the face and the body. But even though it says that and many of the reviews are pro-face application, I still feel weird about it. I read an article ages ago about all of the things that should never go on your face; hairspray, deodorant and body lotion, this just sticks out in my mind for some reason. I really like it so far, it is thinner than what I would want for a body lotion but it feels great on my face and it hasn’t caused any issues. I will post a review when I have used it more.

*Chasing Stars^^

We have more snow than we know what to do with and it feels like the first real winter that I have experienced in much too long. Yes, we get snow all of the time so it isn’t anything incredible like what some other continents are experiencing but I have enjoyed reading and looking at all of your snow stories and thought I would share a pretty little picture. This is a frontage road in the city that I work, I didn’t take the photo but my camera was used to take it so I am claiming partial rights 😀 This was after our first big storm, I think we got about a foot of snow.


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  • Selena Hannah

    In New England, we had a Cat code at work (catastrophe) for all of the auto and home claims coming in from the storm. Now, another extreme snow storm is raging on outside my window. Only thing good is that I got to work from home today and tomorrow. So much snow.

  • hoiyinli

    I am like you. Not very religious but I am open to opinion and wouldn’t stop someone believing in what what they believe in. I think it’s good to believe in something than nothing is kinda my stance, but don’t drown in it. I agree with you about religion being created because we cannot face our mortality. People, especially back in the old days were scared of death and I guess, they wanted to believe they’d go to heaven and that the bad people would go to hell to rot. Praying is good though.

    • Stella

      I wish that more religious people felt the need to just let other people live regardless of their beliefs. It’s astounding how many conflicts and wars there have been that are a direct result of religion. I don’t get it but I understand the need to have faith. Agreed, prayer is important – it makes me sad when people tear others down and say that prayer doesn’t do anything. It’s just another way humans cope. It’s interesting, so many unknowns.

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