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And a new desk mat! For all those who do not get excited about office supplies, my apologies – I suppose that I could have waited patiently for all of my order to arrive and then do an office haul instead of posting randomly c’est la vie. I also purchased an unnecessary amount of Lysol products but I’ll spare you. Anyway, I purchased a floral desk mat because it will be like I always have flowers in my cube – I do have some plants but they aren’t flowers. It is bigger than I thought it would be but I think it’s going to work. I like the folk art look to it, I might not know what folk art looks like though now that I say that. Eh, I Googled it, this could be loosely described as folk art 😛



I feel very distracted as of late, do you ever wonder if you’ll get to do something great in your life? By great, I don’t mean material things like a nice car, a yard, a house, blah, blah, blah. In that respect, I hope to live a very small life with little to no impact at all. I think this stems from camping as a kid and being told that the site should look like we were never there when we left. An act of true greatness cannot be commemorated in a monument, a high-rise, a building or street named in someone’s honor and yet humans cling to these impermanent things and constantly erect them. In reality, they are just desperate attempts to remind the universe that we were here and eventually they will cease to exist. It’s like, did Betty Ford need a rehabilitation center named in her honor? Don’t we care more about her battle with addiction and her advocacy for others who are grappling with addiction? Are we afraid that we’ll forget?

I am also bummed that Sudan was euthanized due to illness. He was the last male of his species in the entire world. It just seems senseless that humans will kill things literally to the point where they no longer exists. It also scares me that seemingly we cannot be stopped and this will probably be our legacy. Destruction.


All I know is that I have a sweet new desk mat and I kinda’ want to make my own folk art.

Update with a little in action shot of the new desk mat:


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    • Stella

      Thank you 🙂 I figure that I spend most of my life there so I might as well enjoy it! It is too bad, even with all of the info out there to save us from ourselves 🙁

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