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What is it about spring that makes me want to redecorate my kitchen? I don’t even like spring, I prefer the opposite of spring – dead of winter, that’s my season. I do spend a lot of time baking this time of year for various events – someone always seems to be having a baby or a wedding shower. My kitchen is a hodge-podge of carefully curated country and vintage pieces. It’s not to everyone’s taste and could even be called a little kitsch but I am the only one using it and I like it. I love the flea market aesthetic of the Pioneer Woman brand but the line is a Wal-Mart exclusive, alas. I still found some cute stuff on Amazon though.

Now Designs Hemisphere Fruit Basket – I have quite a few vintage replicas from Now Designs, they do a lot of teal and red combos which is perfect for my kitchen. I realized recently that I don’t have a fruit bowl, I eat a lot of fruit but I just stick in the pantry. I am unsure of where I would put a fruit bowl but I like the look of this one.


Round Burner Covers – I think electric stoves are all around just kinda’ ugly – I don’t know why. I won’t live in a place with another gas range but I don’t love electric – might as well dress it up with something cute.


Country Garden Dish Drying Mat – Amazon does stock some of the Pioneer Woman line but holy markup, I don’t know if it’s worth it or not! My dish drying mat is currently just red, the floral on this would add a little spring-like vibe to my counter.


Zak Designs Confetti Bowls – I have a thing for the retro feel of melamine dinnerware, I know that it’s really just super hard plastic but there is something so Brady Bunch about it. I won’t lie, I only have one set of grown up dishes and the rest is a mismatched assortment of melamine.


Retro Kitchen Cutting Board – I also don’t currently have a cutting board, the BF freaks out because I just hold stuff in my hand and cut it. I’m careful and besides, that’s how my mom did it πŸ˜› Safety is for wimps but it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one.


Sunflower Sign – I have one already but it’s round so that makes this one different! If I was a flower, I think I’d be a sunflower. What flower would you be?


Peaches Sign – I have a few signs in my kitchen already but none with peaches, how stinking cute is this?


Steel Mixing Bowls – My red ones are getting a bit shabby.


Honestly, I could look at kitchen stuff all day – nothing beats a happy, bright kitchen. What are you looking forward to changing up this season?

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