If I’m Wandering, I Probably Am Lost: A Travel Bucket List

It’s true, I spend a lot of my life lost – some find this endearing and others find it irritating. If I am not going somewhere important where punctuality is expected then I like to take my time and I don’t get stressed out about the inevitable wrong turn. I once got lost on the way to a Chinese food restaurant but ended up just stopping at a different one and it became my Chinese food restaurant of choice. I think that the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination and I like to take my time. I’ve done the tourist experience in quite a few countries but I would love to experience them again with the luxury of time to get lost plus there are a number of others that I want to see.

Greenland: The estimated population of this island is a little over 55,000 – I could honestly live here. Aside from that perk, Greenland seems like one of the last frontiers with so much natural beauty yet to be ruined by mankind. I also have a keen interest in Norse religion and would love to explore some settlements.

Scotland: I have wanted to see Scotland since I was a kid, there seems something so magical about it. Some of the world’s oldest universities are located here and I know that they are stunning and probably home to some epic libraries. I would also like to see the highlands and find out what these gaels are all about. I actually just read about an overnight sleeper train, the Caledonian Sleeper that runs from London to Scotland and it sounds like something that I definitely need to experience in my lifetime.

Egypt: Arguably the birthplace of mankind, Egypt is another country that captures the imagination from ancient civilizations to colourful metros, I bet it’s a feast for the eyes. The Ancient Egyptians are another people with so many mysteries and a bit of magic about them, I hope that I get to see it one day.

Japan: I cannot think of another more fascinating or beautiful culture and the climate sounds absolutely perfect. Plus, I know it’s clean, it has to be pristine.


And finally Africa which, I have been to parts of Africa but it wasn’t a great experience and I’d like to go back as a tourist and see more of it. Again, it’s just one of those last frontier places to me that is vast and unspoiled. One of my most vivid memories of Africa was the intensity of the night skies and the feeling of being crushed by the galaxy – definitely recommend.


Those are just a few that I am making it a mission to see in my lifetime, I would probably have to take two trips a year for the rest of my life to see all of the places that I would like to.

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