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K-Beauty Skincare Update!

I accidentally Hulked out on my tube of Charlotte Tilbury highlighter and over-tightened the cap so it broke. I do this constantly, I have a commitment to over-tightening twist caps and it usually leads to something breaking. Instead of wasting the product, I just wiped it all over my face – I don’t know if that was a mistake or not but here’s a pic of my face:


I mean, I think it looks a little sweaty but I would do it again 😛 I was going to talk about some additional products that I have added to my skincare routine but have decided to do a ‘check-in’ post instead on where I am at the with my K-Beauty journey. I have incorporated all 10 steps into my daily routine for a little over a month now. Clearly, I am wearing makeup today but the above photo is with no filter and pretty shitty lighting. I gotta’ say though, this is the smoothest that my skin has ever looked. My chin and jaw-line are notoriously textured – even when I don’t have red or inflamed blemishes, something like putting highlighter all over my face would accentuate all of the congestion hiding under the surface. I follow a fairly aggressive exfoliation routine which has helped a lot but the moisturizing and treatment steps in the K-Beauty routine have banished any stubborn blemishes that have refused to come out. Also, the dry patches around my mouth while not totally gone, are markedly improved. I used to have such dry skin at the corners of my mouth that it was painful. Onto the other side of my face which for some reason always breaks out more:


I have some visible scarring on this side that nothing seems to help but again, seriously reduced texture and improved overall evenness. When I first started the 10 step routine, I thought that my skin would breakout from the multiple layers of moisture but nothing that I have tried so far has irritated my skin or clogged my pores (except that May Coop eye peeling mask)! This is really amazing to me as I can usually bank on a breakout when I start changing my products but my skin loves Korean beauty brands. I think that even though the products tend to be lighter and more emollient, the ingredients are potent but gentle on my skin. Instead of one heavy cream that just sits on my skin, applying moisture in thin layers increases the absorption and the products work together to be more effective. My skin just drinks up the additional moisture and looks plumper and glowier, I am really pleased with where my skin is at!

Overall, the change in my routine has been very enjoyable and I have loved getting to know new brands and products. I still have loads more products that I have been using to share but CosRx, Mizon, Neogen, and Goodal are a few of the brands that I have been enjoying. If you want to check out my K-Beauty journey so far, take a peek at some of my previous posts: K-Beauty

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