New Phone Cases!

I have been patiently waiting for my new phone cases to arrive, not that they took very long but I am that person who will absolutely drop my phone when it doesn’t have a case on it and then never drop it again. I chose a few styles, these are the first two to arrive, both are designed American Cases and I think they are absolutely perfect. They are made of a flexi-plastic material that I am sure has a more scientific name than that πŸ˜› The material definitely feels tough enough to protect my phone from damage and the cases have good weight to them. I am guessing that the graphics are just printed onto clear plastic cases but the print looks great and the colours are super vibrant. This is the first time that I have ordered from this Etsy shop, the cases arrived on time and I am so far very pleased. The shop offers a ton of designs for loads of phones, I definitely recommend taking a peek if you are in need of a sassy phone case!


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