Not Your Average Amazon Finds

I think that this used to be a Buzzfeed thing, people would share the interesting stuff that Amazon sells that nobody really needs. I spend a lot of time an Amazon and I have no idea how the algorithm works to generate my Recommended For You products but they crack me up. I’d like to believe that there is someone just randomly throwing bizarre stuff in there to make me chuckle but I am guessing not πŸ˜›

Set of Ten Finger Hands Finger Puppets – These are kinda’ terrifying but also a little hilarious. This one makes some sense because I did at one time purchase a bunch of finger puppets to put in the free library boxes but I wouldn’t put these in there!


Yodeling Pickle – This one makes no sense but I am curious to hear what a yodeling pickle sounds like now.


48 Pack Poop Emoji Push Pins – Because, why not? Also, didn’t even know that there was such an emoji.


Man Bun – The Original Clip On Man Bun – I did actually purchase this as a gift a few years back and it was a hit. That was of course, only after it showed up in my recommended products. I think that’s the business model, make it weird enough so that I click on it and convince myself that someone in my life needs it.


Stretchable Back Shavers – Not going to lie, good idea in theory. Right up until the point that you slice a tendon – I could see it being useful for back hair though.


Rubber Finger Feet Mini Puppets – Need some tiny feet to go with those tiny hands? Boy, are you in luck. Can you imagine if I filled the free libraries with tiny rubber appendages, I would probably launch a serial killer investigation.


Carp Pencil Case – Have you ever stuck your hand in a real fish? It’s awful and does not entice me to purchase a fake fish for my pens and pencils. Put them in literally anything else.


Calm Down Body Wash – This sounds really lovely but it comes in a wood glue bottle that I just can’t get on board with.

CALMGigantic Pizza Blanket – I mean, it could work with the right decor?


Those are just some of the gems that I actually clicked on but there have definitely been others that I passed on πŸ™‚ What do you think the secret to their algorithm is?

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