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So, it’s International Women’s Day and I have read quite a lot of posts/articles/tweets pointing out various ways that women are still getting the short end of the stick. I get that, I understand the conversation but I also feel that progress should be recognized. I’m here with a few things that have happened in modern history that have made being a woman a whole lot easier.

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And we can vote for a candidate of our choice, not our male counterparts choice. Can you imagine not having the power to cast your vote just for being female? I can’t and when I asked my mom about the Votes for Women rally in Merry Poppins, I was shocked that at one point, we couldn’t and am forever grateful for the strong-willed women who fought to change this.


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Yup, up until 1978 women in the workplace could be fired for being pregnant. This one still amazes me because 1978 doesn’t seem that long ago, this behaviour is something out of the Dark Ages.


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However you feel about birth control or contraception, we should all have the right to choose if we want to use it or not. Up until as recently as 1965 though, women in the US didn’t have uninhibited access to these products.


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Not hiring me for being female is no longer an option thanks to changes to restrictive labor laws that allowed employers to offer jobs that required applicants to be male.


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Again, no matter how you feel about it – a woman has a right to choose and it shouldn’t be anyone’s business really. It is easy to pass judgement when you have not been in a situation yourself, we should all respect the right to choose.

And that’s just scratching the surface, from wage and education equality to women serving in political office – marked strides have been made to improve women’s rights. Should it have been such a struggle? Probably not but mankind is flawed and we can only learn from our mistakes. The struggle only magnifies the resilience and patience that it requires to be a modern woman. I’m not saying it’s a perfect world, it won’t be in my lifetime but it’s progress.

I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end. – Margaret Thatcher

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