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My new desk is slowly coming together, I never really thought that I would be one of those people who spends this much time putting their work space together. At my first cubicle job, I could literally fit all of my belongings into a small box and it would be like I was never there. Not for any reason, I worked there for over 6 years but at my new job it just dawned on me how much time I spend at work. I spend a lot of time decorating the apartment that I get to enjoy much less so why not make my work space a place that I enjoy going to? I stuck with more orange as I have a theme going here and I think it just stems from neon colours brightening up any mundane, neutral desk furniture. I ordered the Poppin’ All Set Desk Collection because I needed more trays and I didn’t have my own stapler or tape dispenser – not that we don’t have those things but it’s nice to have your own.


This set includes a medium tray, large tray, stapler, tape dispenser, pen cup, 6 pens, tape and staples. It really is an all-in-one desk set and the orange is really bright and lovely, all of the pieces are molded plastic with good weight. I already own one medium tray and it is good for storing extra post-its, notebooks, envelopes – really any random bits that I use everyday that are nice to have out. I think that I will use the big tray for projects that are in process, I currently keep them in a file folder on my desk but now I can bundle them all together and it will still keep my space neat. I cannot wait to add these to my space tomorrow!


I find that the Poppin’ brand is reasonably priced and comparable to other office supply brands. I typically purchase from Amazon but I know that they also carry the brand at OfficeDepot. They have a variety of colour schemes from plain white to navy blue and I love the quality. The shapes add a modern, fun flair to any work space.


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