Riley Rose Want List

Do you ever put off doing something for an irrationally long time because you are convinced that it will be the most terrible thing you have experienced to date but when you finally take care of said thing it took about 10 minutes and wasn’t that bad. You convince yourself that next time you will just suck it up and do it full-well knowing that this has been your pattern of behavior for the last 10 years and will be until the day you die. Same.

I just found out that Riley Rose is opening a location in a suburb near me and I am super excited. This beauty store is similar to an ULTA but offers quite a few more indie brands, it is owned by Forever 21. I have only shopped their online store but I have heard that the interiors of their locations are stunning and I cannot wait to check it out. I cannot say that I will go on opening day because I know it will be a bonanza but I am getting my list ready for when I do check it out.

I have been wanting to try Surrat Beauty since ever, I don’t live near a Sephora that carries the brand in store though so I hope that Riley Rose does so I can check it out. Since I am a blush fiend, I will probably start there:

I know you can find the original Dr. Paw Paw online but the flavored ones tend to be more scarce, I have my eye on Tinted Pink Peach tube:


Another brand that I have not heard of, Grown Alchemist that has a selection of delectable looking hand creams. I have the driest hands and I love trying new creams but I still haven’t found one that keeps me repurchasing.


Did I mention that Riley Rose stocks an extensive selection of K-Beauty? Dr. Frog, Thank You Farmer and Papa Recipe are just a few brands that I want to try. I am especially keen on these products as they are packed with potent, natural ingredients.

There are just so many lovely things all in onc place, I better make a list before I go and stick to it! Do you have a Riley Rose in your are?

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