Setting a Beauty Budget

Ah, my least favourite 6-letter word 😛 Since discovering my obsessive personality disorder for all things beauty, I have managed a beauty budget like any other household expense. I actually became really interested in budgeting after reading an article written by an individual who was worth 50 million dollars and how they managed their wealth in surprisingly simply ways. They skipped the part about where they made the 50 million but some of the tips have always stuck with me and they work for any budget because clearly I will never see 50 million dollars in my lifetime and it works for me. Beauty is tricky though, I can precisely calculate how much I will spend on groceries, gas, health, etc. but beauty is my wildcard where it can be very easy to go over budget. Here’s my shortlist for sticking to my spending limit.

A Sensible Armadillo



If I am even having to consider this then it’s probably a want and I should walk away. Beauty needs are products that I use everyday; skincare, powder, foundation, shampoo, etc. and generally I know when I am going to need to purchase more of these items so they aren’t expenses that spring up randomly. I can still get the things that I want but needs take precedent.

A Sensible Armadillo



No! The 50 brown eye-shadows that I already own are nothing like this one – or so I tell myself. But here’s the deal, they are probably are close enough to not need another. I went through a warm palette phase where I just kept purchasing them because I figured that I would use the product eventually but I rarely finish a palette and now have 4-5 warm palettes that all provide me with generally the same results. After my Soft Glam disappointment, I only had myself to blame because it wasn’t unique and I knew that I had other products in my collection that would perform much the same. Products really need to stand out in order for me to spend my ching on them.

A Sensible Armadillo



Makeup and skincare expires, it’s just a waste to purchase a new product when you have something at home that you are already using. I do have a few products open at a time but set a limit on purchasing/opening anything new. Even if it’s on sale! It is easy to want to purchase an additional 2 of something because it’s on BOGO but if I have some at home, it is more prudent to skip the purchase.

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If so, fuck it because I am so tired of the hype. I think that brands have figured out that they can roll out a sub-par product as limited edition or limited release and sell out of stock before the reviews come in. If they don’t want it in their permanent collection neither do I. Aside from the Brush Crush brushes because those are pretty amazing.

A Sensible Armadillo



Especially if you weren’t willing to pay full-price for it, a sale shouldn’t make me want it more.

A Sensible Armadillo



If something that I use goes on sale, then of course I am going to purchase it but only if I don’t already have too many products open or have back-ups already. I think that it can be easy to fall into the habit of feeling like I need to buy something during a sale but the reality is, I don’t!

Those are my tips for keeping a budget that mostly work 😀

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  • MaggieSimpleLife

    It is so hard to control when I start my first purchase. Now, I try to not go to brands website so I won’t add things to cart. Or I should put my card somewhere I cannot find. And yes! I need to understand something I want is not necessary I need.

    • Stella

      Same here! I don’t often check out sites and I’ve stopped following most of the larger beauty influencers to avoid temptation. It’s easy to talk yourself into ‘needing’ everything 😄

  • hoiyinli

    I think last year and the year before, when I had less makeup items, it was easier to spend money on any beauty items because I had nothing like it but now that I have a considerably bigger makeup collection (not huge at all but definitely more than I can use at this moment), I am beginning to spend a bit less. I don’t even wear makeup everyday for a start!

    Skincare is probably more my weakness because good skin really sells to me.

    • Stella

      I’m the same, when I didn’t own so many products I didn’t think twice about purchasing something I wanted. But I’ve tried to become a lot choosier with the occasional slip up.
      I tend to splurge for skincare too! I feel that it’s more important than makeup 😄

    • Stella

      Right? I just received a coupon from TooFaced and figured I had to purchase something but then realized that I just didn’t want anything. Sales can be the worst temptation!

      • starringpamela

        I know! I don’t open store emails anymore and actively avoid the mall. My mom and I used to go every weekend to pass time but it was a very expensive way to do it!

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