Still Crushing

Things I hate doing – going to the doctor. I actually have commitment issues when it comes to most physicians and I like to change them up as often as I can. I don’t think that one is supposed to do this but I don’t want to know too much about my caregivers. I have never had a really bad experience with any doctor, I just hate going. I went to the doctor today, still five-four, still miffed about it.

A few posts ago I shared that I had purchased some of the limited edition Brush Crush brushes from Real Techniques and I had to go back for more. I bought these brushes on pure aesthetic and though I like Real Techniques brushes, I didn’t know what the quality would be but am happy to report that they are great! I really like the super soft bristles, they have nice weight and are obviously gorgeous. Originally I picked up the foundation, powder and eyeshadow brushes – today I grabbed another eyeshadow brush (they are just that good) and this super cute Shimmer & Shine set today. This set includes a finishing brush, a powder brush, another eyeshadow brush and a cute confetti bag. The powder brush from this collection isn’t something I would gravitate to when it comes to powder brushes – it is very broad and not as fluffy but I really do like it. I feel like it’s disperses product really well and doesn’t disrupt my foundation. I will do a full review on all of the brushes (once they are washed so I can report back) but wanted to share this lovely little trio in the meantime!


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