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Trying On: Nivea

Super random post for a snowy Saturday but I didn’t have anything else planned for today anyway! Nivea is currently on BOGO at ULTA, I don’t usually purchase this brand but I almost always shop sales for body care and hair care and picked up a couple of things. I am totally sold on the body lotions that I picked up, they are apparently new oil-infused formulas and they are lovely. The in-shower lotion was surprisingly an immediate win for me as well. I have tried products like this before and I want to like them, it’s a great concept – why not just get moisturizing out of the way in the shower? My issue is that I don’t know if they are doing anything or not – I find that I either feel sticky afterward or I still feel the need to apply body lotion. Anyway, I chose the 24+ Moisture/Radiant Silk version that claims to exfoliate with little beads and add instant moisture with argan oil. I won’t lie, I chose it for how amazing it smells πŸ˜› It’s definitely floral but light and refreshing at the same time, it’s hard to place but very pleasant. It has the consistency of lotion with a little more slip and you apply it after your regular shower routine and then rinse off. Apparently, you are supposed to avoid getting it on the bottom of your feet so wear some socks in the shower. But seriously, how are you supposed to keep the product from getting on your feet? I am probably stating the obvious but this stuff makes everything super slick so be careful. After rinsing off, not falling down and toweling off – I didn’t feel sticky and my skin did actually feel pleasantly moisturized. I don’t know how exfoliating this formula was but I think that this is how an in-shower lotion is supposed to work and I am sold! Talk about a time saver, I loathe having to moisturize after the shower and am happy that I took a chance on this product. The scent does linger for most of the day which I really enjoyed but if you aren’t into floral scents then this one might not be for you. I recommend, I think it was well worth the purchase!


Have you used a product like this? Thanks for stopping by <3


  • K.M. Sutton

    I haven’t tried Nivea but I have tried other in-shower moisturizers and have not had much luck, I feel like they rinse off, and don’t leave my skin very moisturized. I will have to check out the Nivea one though. Thanks for sharing. ❀

    • Stella

      Yea, I’m very surprised that it works! Should have considered the brand sooner. My only problem with that body conditioner is that it’s so expensive, it’s nice but quite a price tag!

      • Selena Hannah

        Oh, I know; hence why I haven’t bought the Lush one yet. I need to get through my body lotions before I can buy an in shower moisturizer. Have to find a cruelty free on though.

  • hoiyinli

    Nivea products generally have the same scent that I like to call the “Nivea scent” haha so if this in-shower lotion is anything like it, I am sold because I do actually like the scent of it. I have not actually tried body conditioners/in-shower lotions before and I’ve been meaning to try ones from Nivea but never got to it. Will have to remember to get some next time I’m at the drugstore because I loathe body moisturising too!

    I did get a LUSH box in the Christmas sale though which has a body conditioner inside…probably time that I opened it. 😝

    • Stella

      It does smell like most Nivea products I have tried but I haven’t tried too many! It takes too long to moisturize after a shower – this product is such a Time saver.

      Haha! Might be a good idea 😊

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