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During my search for a Capricorn tattoo I kept coming across these different posts about the traits and characteristics of the zodiac sign and they were cracking me up. Now, do I really believe in the zodiac? Eh, not really. I believe more in aliens than the arrangement of the sky having some impact on our lives. I am still getting that tattoo though, I don’t care if that makes me a hypocritical jackass. Anyway, some of these blurbs were spot on while others were completely ridiculous.


Literally so true, I think that’s a misuse of literally but I don’t have another word for expressing how true this is. I will listen to anything, music is a mood thing for me – I don’t have a favourite genre. I think that some people find this a bit flaky and I can understand that but it’s just how I jam.


This is one that I disagreed with, I’m usually just sitting around silently judging everything for existing.


Anything, ever.


Back to that silently judging bit πŸ˜€


I figured this out in my earlier 20’s, hence the reason that I never drink. I am not social, I don’t want to be your best-friend – it was the hooch! My doctor doesn’t believe that I don’t drink, I don’t know why – he always asks me this at every appointment.


I have tried to grow out of this, I am that person though who will finally get to a tipping point and suddenly be busting out that thing you did the 2nd Thursday of June 1992 and have a whole laundry list arsenal of every shitty thing a person has done, ever. The BF ate my corn chips a couple of weeks ago, he’ll be paying for that at some point. In my defense, they were organic, non-GMO, blue corn and flax seed chips and he always gives me shit for purchasing health food and deserves what’s coming to him.


Many a person has commented on how patient I am, if they only knew. PSA, I don’t work well with teams. I can’t even lie about it in a job interview, it makes me feel bad because my aversion is so strong and employers need to know this.


And yet, so few people take my advice even when I am usually right. Not like I am keeping track or anything…


I don’t actually know if common sense exists anymore in today’s society and I have zero tolerance for it.


I disagree with this one, I don’t get taken advantage of because I identify the type of people who would be apt to do this and don’t let them into my life.


I don’t think that I am openly hostile but there are definitely people that I have to interact with that I disdain. I can’t do phony, I won’t be rude but I’m not going out of my way to be everyone’s friend. This actually got me into trouble with a former supervisor whom I was close in age with. I didn’t like her, full stop. In my annual review she says, I get the feeling that you don’t like me. My response was; I don’t think it’s mandatory to like the people I work with as long as I do my job satisfactorily. Note to self, don’t say shit like that if you don’t want to have to sit through team building exercises for the rest of your life.


I am also working on this one, it makes people uncomfortable.

I think it’s fascinating that even though I don’t put any stock in the zodiac thing that someone has identified various traits that ring so true to me. Not like I am going to be reading my daily horoscope any time soon but it’s kinda’ fun to embrace your sign. How about you, do you believe in your sign?

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  • hoiyinli

    I have always loved reading star signs although saying that, I don’t go out of my way to read it weekly/monthly. But I am fascinated by how some of the general traits that are described can surprisingly be correct. Some sources such as the type in magazines are rubbish and full of fluff so it’s just a case of what you read to satisfy your fascination, haha.

    It was interesting reading through these because I feel like they described some of the traits that my brother has! His birthday is December 21 which is a weird one because depending on which source you read, he can also be a Sagittarius too. Brb while I do some reading. πŸ˜›

    P.s. I’m a Gemini. I thought you should ought to know LOL.

    • Stella

      It is interesting! I wonder who comes up with this stuff? Weird, I recall reading some time ago that there was some shifting of the signs. It would be weird to feel totally ‘aligned’ with a sign then have it change πŸ˜‚ Good thing we don’t take this stuff to seriously!

      I have a brother who is a Gemini! I’m going to check out the traits 😁

      • hoiyinli

        I forgot to mention that I also listen to a bit of every genre! My heart dies a little though when people ask me what my favourite music is because I legit don’t have a favourite genre like how stupid does that sound? Oh well. It suits my Gemini tendencies I think. 😝I also like to listen to music according to mood or phase until I’m bored and want to listen to something else!

        • Stella

          Right?! I hate it when someone sees something I’m listening to and asks me about it. I like it in that moment, who knows what I’ll be listening to tomorrow πŸ˜‚

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