A Haunting in my TV Room

Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries: I think this kitchen table that we inherited from the grandparents is haunted. Stick with me, I hate this table which is completely irrational but it just irritates me. It shouldn’t as it’s a very nice, old, sturdy farm table that was a perfect fit for the kitchen that we used to have it in but there is just something about it. Right now, it’s in a mostly unused room in the apartment with a TV on it and I’d really like to get rid of it. I don’t even like watching movies in there with the table. But if I sell it, I feel like I should tell the new owners that it’s haunted which is totally crazy and would scare off potential buyers.

So why are you convinced that the table is haunted, Stella? Glad you asked – two things, it’s a wood table with a regular finish but every time I turn around the thing is covered in fingerprints. I don’t touch it, we don’t even sit at it anymore but there they are. I used to complain about this when we actually were using it and I would polish the table obsessively. Now, the BF knowing that it drives me insane could be gaslighting me but wouldn’t I notice if he was?! It bothers me to the point that I have wanted to lift the finger prints and compare them to our own but trying not to succumb to hysteria.

Second, this was the table in the kitchen when the gas stove turned on and was pumping out natural gas while I was in the shower. Nobody else was home and when I turned the water off, I could hear that clicking noise that gas stoves make as you are lighting them and when I went into the kitchen – the burners were on but not lit! Talk about terrifying and there that freaking table was, just chilling, looking smug. Being a woman of science, I know that this makes no sense. Being my mother’s daughter, I am convinced that the table is haunted.

Third, I know that I said there were only two reasons but it just occurred to me that my ill-behaved cats who climb on everything avoid the table. They always have even though it would have been prime real estate to see out the window! Cats know things, they are in tune with the supernatural.

Fourth, it doesn’t show up in pictures. No, it does πŸ˜› I know because I have taken countless photos of the stupid thing so that I can put it up for sale but it just looks so sinister that I delete them! Obviously, any innocent shopper would not think that the table is actually sinister and it only appears this way to me but the thing is not photogenic.


I have done some research into haunted antiques and furniture and apparently, it does happen! By-standing objects during traumatic events or deaths can embody spirits. Just take a look at this haunted couch and tell me you aren’t convinced. There aren’t any ominous stains on the table but I know that it was a family table in a farmhouse on a farm. I grew up on a farm, some gruesome shit can happen on a farm – aside from your regular stuff like butchering. farm accidents are always ghastly. Have you seen a combine?! I want to ask the grandparents if any terrible accidents or deaths occurred at the farm while the table was in residence but I can’t because how do you tell someone that you think a kitchen table is haunted? And what if something terrible did happen, do I really want to know about it?

I seriously have to get rid of it though, I think I will post it as ‘Free But Haunted’ because I don’t want to charge someone to take my haunted table. This post is completely unrelated to anything but what are your thoughts on haunted stuff?

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  • don't give a jam

    hahaha need you to lift the fingerprints to see if they’re your own. that’s crazy weird!! wait the cats won’t go on it? DEF haunted!!! they really do know stuff. for sure give it away for free with a warning just in case lol!

    • Stella

      Right?! The BF (who is more rational) thinks that maybe it was refinished at some point but varnish was wet and someone touched it. So polishing it fills in the prints until it’s absorbed and then they appear again. It is super creepy though and yea, the cat thing clinches it for me because they climb on everything but that table! Agreed, if someone wants to take a chance on a haunted, free table – that is their business!

  • starringpamela

    I think you do need to offer up the free but haunted table ASAP. I feel like I would have a very similar reaction to yours though, convinced it’s haunted even though rationally it isn’t!

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