A Journey to Minimalism

*collective eye roll, unfollow* I see you ๐Ÿ˜› I will be the first to say that the trendy, minimalist community that has taken Youtube and Instagram by storm does seem like a bunch of well-off, pretentious assholes. I am just a regular person who decided that I had a bunch of shit around that I don’t need and wanted to consume less than average in my lifetime. It all started when the BF and I started house hunting and I felt a lot of stress and anxiety thinking about boxing all of our belongings, it is daunting and has proved to take some of the excitement out of first time home shopping. Not growing up having much of anything, I do like my stuff though so it’s been a bit of a struggle finding a balance. We are nowhere near where I want the apartment to be but getting there and figured that I would share a little about the journey so far and what items I started the purge with!


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Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines – if I can own the digital copy, then I don’t need a physical copy. The hardest part of getting rid of media was letting go of my books, but I had three book cases of books that I had already read and wouldn’t read again or had no intention of reading. I did keep a few books that have more than material meaning but everything else went.

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No, you are never going to use that coupon for carpet cleaning – get rid of it now. Purchase a scanner and electronically file anything that you don’t need an actual hard copy of then shred the rest. Also, it sucks having to go through someone’s junk mail when they die, not that I am planning on it any time soon but I don’t want to leave piles of stuff for someone else to go through.

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We have 4 spoons, 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 plates, 4 bowls – you get the idea. When we move, all of our kitchen dishes will fit in exactly one box and it will be amazing. Obviously, not everyone can realistically do this but determining how much one reallyย needs makes the whole process much easier. You can still entertain, we have compostable dinnerware for those special occasions.

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We seriously had like 15 ‘guest pillows’ and I can count with zero hands the number of times that we have used them. We have one winter weight bedding set and one summer weight bedding set. We also reduced our towels, throw blankets and throw pillows by at least half.

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When you consider how many pairs of socks and undergarments you actually wear, the amount you own suddenly seems ludicrous – this was my experience anyway. I had an entire drawer of said garments and generally only wore what was on the top layer anyway. We have both reduced our clothing in general, we each have a 4 compartment storage unit that all of our garments fit into.

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I had 2 pantries full of dry goods and spices that I was able to give away. It is nice to have a box of noodles and pasta sauce on hand but having 10 boxes isn’t necessary. I also found that I had loads of spices that I purchased for specific recipes and didn’t use again, now I Just purchase the small packets for recipes instead of full-sizes. I have also started doing a weekly grocery shop where I only purchase items for the meals that I have planned which has reduced the amount of food that wasn’t being used and just being tossed.

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Again, this was just a matter of assessing what I was actually using and then getting rid of duplicates – what used to be an entire under-sink cabinet now fits into 1 tub.


Honestly, it just started as de-cluttering and has morphed into trying to live a more conscious lifestyle. These are small things to start with but they really made a difference – it’s amazing how big and open different areas in the apartment feel. It’s hard being a makeup junkie and trying to embrace minimalism – yea, I only need one foundation but I want ten ๐Ÿ˜€ I definitely don’t want my living space to feel stark so I do still have nick-knacks and throw blankets and stuff that I don’t need but it doesn’t feel cluttered. I still do my fair share of shopping, hauling and wishlisting but a life of less is becoming easier. I think that it’s OK to find a minimalist lifestyle that works for you and not be put-off by the extreme cases that seem to be most represented on social media. My ultimate goal is to consume less, invest in more of what makes me happy and rent the smallest moving truck possible when we finally move into a house ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Selena Hannah

    I’m going through the same thing. I am moving towards having less and getting rid of duplicates and stuff. I consign our old clothes but still good condition, not gonna lie. I have a trash bag full and can only get rid of what is seasonally appropriate. I’ll always have a bag lying around. I am decluttering toys that my son no longer uses. Less is more and I love the extra space. It’s a work in progress, but you can tell the difference. I want to fit our two bedroom apartment in one truck, too. Lol. Next year. I’m so excited!!!

  • priya

    Loved this! I recently moved last week and personally undertook the task of making my family hyper-aware of how much stuff we actually have that we’ve never used. Fair to say St Vinnies and Savers know us pretty well for how many times we’ve been down there with boxes to donate. It’s a bit ridiculous tbh, great post! xx

    • Stella

      Right!? That is the best place to start, I was pulling out stuff that I didn’t even recall owning. It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a lifetime. Good for you, it is definitely a great feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

  • aramblingcollective

    I’ve recently moved house too and found it incredibly stressful. My local charity shop took away my surplus furniture and I’m slowly selling my old clothes in ebay. Then, the kitchenware will be next.

  • Rebecca Poole

    I am with you on this! Having less tangible clutter helps my mind feel less cluttered and I can focus better…and I’m totally guilty of keeping coupons I’m never going to use (hangs head in shame) haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stella

      Agreed! I love the feeling of having breathing room even if we just live in a small apartment. Haha! The junk mail thing comes from cleaning out my mom’s house after she passed away – so many coupons! I get it though, you never know when they will come in handy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • chelseafore

    We’ve been house hunting too, and that’s extactly what started out minimalist journey. We’re a family of 5 about to be 6, so I’m sure you can imagine the amount of crap we’ve collected. Lol! We’re not super minimal minimalists, but you gotta start somewhere!

  • Collecting Glitter

    I really want to try to live a simpler more minimalist life even if it’s for the well-off pretentious assholes haha. (That killed me) I think there is something just so attractive about living a life that is not ran by how much stuff you own. I am also in the process of moving and I’ve been getting rid of so much stuff. It was stuff that I didn’t need and was keeping for no reason other than just to have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stella

      Haha! There is just something about these hyper- aggressive minimalists ๐Ÿ˜› But seriously, same here – I just can’t own more stuff for the sake of owning stuff. Moving really is an eye opener, it’s an arduous process but getting the ‘stuff’ element out of the way definitely helps! Thanks for reading, good luck to you <3

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