Bedroom Update

I think that the bedroom is done, or at least as far as what I wanted to with it. The BF still has a corner where he has a bunch of random shit but it seems organized. I’m still side-eying it. I didn’t take any ‘Before’ pictures because I didn’t think that I would be talking about this on my blog but here are some ‘After’ pictures and I can share the major changes. First, we used to have two side tables and now he just has the one. I completely emptied mine and it’s up for sale currently, if it doesn’t get picked up this month then I will be donating it so I can get it out of the closet. I already owned the pouf and pillows, I just put them where my side table used to be. The pictures are from Ikea, we’ve always had those and since we rent, we can’t put holes in the wall. The canvas above the bed is really light and is affixed with velcro strips, which are amazing if you want to hang something light and not damage your walls. We have a foam mattress and it’s just on a solid platform that sits right on the floor. We purchased that before we moved into this apartment because it takes up less room than a traditional headboard and we can no longer store anything under the bed. Venus is in a stand-off with a duck that is on the roof of our neighbor’s house.


I purchased all of the graphic decor pieces from Target on clearance years ago, it must have not been a popular line but I really liked the look of them. This probably means that I don’t have any taste 😛 Yes, we have a television in the bedroom but we don’t have one in the living room – I don’t know what the thought was behind that. Can we talk about these bins? Somehow, we got out of Ikea with 2 different sizes of black bins so we have to go back at some point so that the BF’s clothes aren’t spilling out. For 30 bucks or so, these storage units have lasted roughly 5 years and are still in great shape. No, I’m not watching Stranger Things for the dozenth time this year.


That’s the bedroom, as you can see, we still have nick-knacks, throw pillows and the few remaining plants that I haven’t killed yet.

Thanks for stopping by <3


      • Hilary Tan

        I think you nailed it! ☺️ Experimenting with bright colours is too extreme for me and I’m afraid to mess it up but then again, I’m a terrible interior decorator. My current theme is “everything comes form Ikea/Scandinavian theme” because of its simplicity and the fact that my designing skills suck. I used to dislike IKEA but as a millennial who now how’s to buy her own furniture, I have resorted to this style.

        • Stella

          I agree, I didn’t used to like IKEA much either but I appreciate the simple lines and clean design now. It’s very easy to decorate around 😊

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