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I am sitting here, not so patiently waiting on my new Audible credit to come through. Audible is the only subscription service I have that doesn’t process at midnight and it drives me nuts! I will purchase credits before my subscription renews but I thought I could wait it out this time – I’m a liar, liar pants on fire. I am a fan of audio-books because you can be doing just about anything while you are listening to them. Cooking, cleaning, eating, sometimes driving – I say sometimes because there are a few books I wouldn’t recommend half-focusing on while trying to drive. Before I dive into my next listen, I have a few recent listens that were amazing!

The Legacy: Childen’s House Book I, Yrsa Sigurdardottir – I originally thought that this would be another installation of the Thora series but this is the first offering in a new series that follows child psychologist, Freyga who works with children involved in crime cases. A young girl could be the only witness in the grisly murder of her her mother that might be the work of a serial killer. Freyga is living in her brother’s flat with his dog, Molly, her brother is currently serving time on drug-related charges which I thought added a unique layer to her background. You think that she is the buttoned up, hyper-focused individual and while she, the relationship with her brother is quite endearing. Working with the traumatized child seems like any other case until officer Hulder is assigned the case who apparently shared an evening with Freyga and lied to her about being a carpenter. They have to reconcile on the job not knowing that they would ever encounter one another again. There were a lot of moving pieces in this book, almost so much that you forget the preamble that kicked off all of the unfortunate events but when the pieces start to come together – it all comes back to you. The ending is explosive and the person responsible for the series of murders was almost a complete shock to me. There are details of the characters’ private lives that definitely hint at where the story is going, I re-listened almost immediately so that I could appreciate all of theses little hints. This book wasn’t as heavy on the atmosphere as most of her other books are, it focuses more on character development so that was an interesting departure but you really do become invested in the players and their lives. I am excited to see where the author takes us next, if Freyga and Hulder become an item and if we get to properly meet Freyga’s brother and what role he will play moving forward. The narrator for this series is way better than the Thora books, she has quite a range and I hope that she signs up for more!


Force of Nature, Jane Harper – This is the second book with Federal Police Agent Aaron Falk as the lead, it takes place in the Australian wilderness primarily and oscillates between two separate story lines. It starts with Falk’s partner Carmen Cooper contacting him to let him know that a woman that they have been working with on an investigation has disappeared. She was part of a group of women (including her boss who she is helping to investigate) on a corporate retreat who never makes it out of the woods. Part of the book chronicles what happened to the women in the bush while the other focuses on the real time investigation. I enjoyed that the reader got to know the women as they were trying to survive in the wilderness and in the aftermath as they told the officers their version of what happened. There are twists and turns, varying points of view and the added factor of the oppressive setting. I like the Falk/Cooper dynamic and would like to see them on another case together! The narrator was also excellent and was the reason why I decided to download the first book in this series, The Dry.


The Dry, Jane Harper – This book was a big deal when it came out last summer…? I purchased it thinking that it would totally be my type of book but couldn’t get into it. Aaron Falk makes a trip home to the small town he and his father had to flee decades ago after the mysterious death of a local girl. He is headed home to attend the funeral of his friend, Luke, who is suspected of killing his family and then himself. While the motive is unclear, we start to learn more about the local politics, the intense drought that is impacting the local economy and the story of why Aaron and and his father fled their home all of those years ago. Aaron is not welcome back home and is the victim of some serious harassment by locals who are convinced that he had some part in the unsolved murder/accident from his childhood. He follows the money to try and clear his best friend’s name and catch the killer. This book is an all around tragedy, from the drought to the murders to the pathetic lives of the locals – it’s a downer. It’s definitely well-written, I enjoyed the setting and the characters and it makes forensic accounting seem exciting. I can see why it was such a hit but I would recommend listening rather than reading this one.


Crimson Lake, Candice Fox – Another crime/thriller set in Australia 😛 The funny thing is that I used to not be able to listen to Australian narrators because they always seemed so upbeat and happy, I couldn’t sense different emotions. Like, they could be saying, We found a body but they could just as well have been saying, We found some cake! Is that weird? Does anyone else experience this when listening to different accents other than their own? I’ve gotten over that and really enjoy a few of them now. Crimson Lake is a small town where people who don’t want to be recognized go to hide out. It currently harbors two individuals who have been accused of some serious crimes, Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell. Ted is a new transplant who was on trial for some heinous actions against a young girl but the case was essentially dropped. Amanda, served time in prison for the brutal stabbing of a classmate in her youth. We are pretty certain that Ted didn’t actually commit the crime that he is accused of but we’re on the fence with Amanda. The two pariahs join forces to solve the disappearance of a local celebrity and we follow them on their day to day lives trying to survive, in peace in a small community. The story of Ted is fascinating, he relives snippets from  his trial where his seemingly normal behavior is vilified and examined. How his wife left him and what his former colleagues think of him now. Though he was never convicted he has to deal with being guilty in the court of public opinion which turns out to be just as ruthless and dangerous as prison time. The ending is mind-blowing, not only do they solve a slew of recent murders, they present new evidence in Amanda’s case that leads to the arrest of several guilty parties and there is some progress made in clearing Ted’s name. Although I readily believed that Ted probably didn’t do it, I didn’t see any of the other stuff coming – definitely recommend! There is a second book apparently, it isn’t available on Audible yet but I cannot wait to see what Ted and Amanda are up to next!


I don’t know what to spend my next credit on but here is my short list:

Crime on the Fens, Joy Ellis

The Chalk Man, CJ Tudor

The Woman in the Window, A.J. Finn

Zack, Mons Kallentoft (even though I don’t like this narrator, he is very herky-jerky and ends every sentence like it’s question).

So many books, so little time. What have you read lately? Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Selena Hannah

    I am interested in Audible, but one book for $14.99 seems like a lot of money especially since you aren’t keeping the “book”. I feel like at that price, I’d rather buy the book. I think that I will try the free month just for giggles. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be hooked.

    • Stella

      I generally relisten to them, it’s a wash for me since I don’t purchase physical books. I think you can download the book to a couple of devices so the BF will listen to them too. Audiobooks have always been overpriced, I wish they were more comparable to hard copy prices, especially considering that they only make one recording vs printing millions of books.

        • Stella

          Yea! You get to keep them and listen as often as you want. I listen to them on my computer and they have an app that you can download them to your phone or tablet.

          • Stella

            They just stay in your account to use whether or not your subscription is active. Yea! That’s primarily when I listen to them – breaks up the day 😊

          • Selena Hannah

            Makes it more reasonable now. I think I would buy one every few months or so. Depends on how fast I finish the book. I could listen to it more working from home than at work. I tend to work at a fast pace and finish early. This would give me something discreet to do.

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