Design Inspo – Mid Century Modern

Remember when your grade school teachers would tell you that; There was no such thing as a stupid question? They were lying. Or perhaps they were making an effort to encourage curiosity and inquisitiveness but beyond the age of 13, there are plenty of stupid questions that people should keep to themselves. And yet, I feel that as we age – instead of getting wiser, we become even more stupid. My favourite was working retail and explaining the return policy to a customer only to then be asked, So – I can’t return this? No, stupid – you can’t. I feel like every question that I have been asked today has been completely moronic and I don’t have time for it.

Anyway, ever since I moved out on my own I have had a fondness for all things Mid Century Modern. I actually kick myself for not taking some of the vintage pieces that my grandparents got rid of because I thought they were tacky. Now, it’s all that I want in my home! I love the sleek silhouettes and pops of colour characteristic of this style. The funky patterns, variety of shapes and unconventional materials. This style to me is; hairpin legs, mustard, plywood, funky shapes, clean lines and most importantly – the minimal aesthetic. There are so many drool worthy pieces on sites like Hayneedle, Article and Joybird and it’s all very expensive. I only have 2 good investment pieces at the moment – one of our cats is murder on upholstery so we may never purchase a new couch but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep window shopping!


Floor to ceiling windows would be a nightmare in Minnesota but look at all these patterns and lines – stunning. I especially like how the picture is just propped rather than affixed to a wall, so chic but totally low-maintenance.


Same here with the painting just sitting on top of this stunning drawer unit – I don’t know if that could be called a high boy? I also like the mixing of mediums here with the natural wood and pottery vases.

We can attribute some of the great chair silhouettes to this style including; the womb, sawbuck, swan and egg. Combine these funky shapes with fun colours and you have a piece to liven up any room.





Some entry hall design inspo, look at those legs!

I don’t always love pieces that have been repainted but these work for me.


I am not sure what this is called but I want to drink my morning coffee here and be existential.


A side table straight out of The Jestsons.


I found this adorable little cabinet on Amazon but the reviews are terrible.

I also found this sassy futon couch, I think I like the colour more than the design though 🙂

Such a fun era that is still on trend today – thanks for stopping by <3

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