First Ever e.l.f Purchase

And it’s a lip gloss, because I am just lame like that but I have heard that this brand can be very hit and miss and the gloss was the only item on the display that I had heard rave reviews about. Lip glosses are surprisingly hard for brands to do in my opinion. You have your sloppy, sticky, goopy mess of a gloss, glosses or the gritty gloss, the runny gloss – there is a surprising amount of variety when it comes to glosses. I am not a gloss gal per say but I do wear them when I get a hankering. There were three shades, I chose Champagne Glam as the other two were a bit brown for my complexion. There isn’t much pigment but the gold flecks are a lot of fun and it looks really juicy on the lips, I overall enjoy the finish and wear.


The tube is pretty standard plastic, basically what one would expect from a $5 product but it doesn’t feel overly cheap. I like the doe-foot, it’s easy to use and has a nice curve to it. The formula is more lightweight than I was expecting and though it is packed with glitter, it doesn’t have any grittiness to it. The smell is kinda’ minty but with a hint of something citrusy that I can’t quite put my finger on. It does tingle at first which one would expect from a plumping gloss but this only lasts a couple of minutes at most. I really like the glitter and the shine but I don’t think it does much in the plumping department. I think it’s a very nice gloss formula though and I am definitely going to continue using it during the summer. I would love to see more colours in the peach/nude range.


It’s a lovely little product as far as gloss goes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Hilary Tan

    Elf is very common here in Canada. I first discovered Elf products at a discount store and their products are decent. You get your money’s worth! I haven’t had any issues with the gloss and have used products that ranged from eyeshadow to eyeliner to lip gloss.

    • Stella

      I wish that I ran into it more often but it can be very hit and miss here or I forget to look. They had a ton of primers too – do you use any of them or have any to recommend?

  • hoiyinli

    I actually haven’t used much ELF products. They used to have a store local to me but for some reason they got rid of it! Silly. Anyhow, the only thing I have tried is the brow palette which was just okay in my opinion. But then again, I bought it at a time when I wasn’t very good at doing my brows so maybe my opinion would be different today? Who knows. 😝

    • Stella

      I see lots of posts about it but rarely see anything in stores. I’m terrible with brow products, I can only manage gel. Agreed, products have grown on me as I’ve gotten better with my application technique. You may like it!

  • ayrgalaxy

    Omg your first purchase? They were the very first brand I bought makeup from when I was in high school so so long ago. I do agree they’re a hit or miss brand but a lot of their products do rival against high end products. I do wish they had a larger shade variety because it’s pretty small. Other than that, it’s a great brand.
    Anyway, this gloss looks really nice and I can definitely see myself using it as a lip topper or something with nude shades. Idk lol.

    • Stella

      First ever! I just don’t run into the brand very often and never know what to get. I’d definitely try more, they have a ton of primers.

      It’s a fun shade, it would make a lovely lip topper – it’s so sparkly!

      • ayrgalaxy

        Well that makes sense 🙂 and yes they do. I’ve tried their Mineral Infused face primer (the clear one) and if you’ve ever tried the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, it feels just like that one.

        Nice!! I hope I see it next time I’m at ulta or something LOL

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