First Impression Friday – Fix + Shimmer

We are trying to watch the movie Mother but I can’t get into it because J-Law being married to Javier Bardem just seems incredibly unrealistic. How old is he? I Googled it, 49, which is way younger than I thought but still. That voice, what is that?

I have used the new MAC shimmer Fix+ that I picked up a couple of days ago a few times now and I have some thoughts. Mostly, disappointed thoughts. I chose Pinklite because I use the pink tube of the Strobe Cream and figured that this would best match my skintone. In the bottle, the liquid is milky, shimmery and iridescent so one would assume that it’s going to have a shimmer finish. It has a nothing finish, it looks exactly the same on my skin as the regular Fix+. I don’t know if the shimmer is so fine that it doesn’t catch the light but even in direct sunlight, I didn’t see a difference. I am wondering if this is a bare skin product and maybe it glows more if not worn over foundation and powder but I don’t see myself trying to wear it alone. It does have the same feel and scent as the original Fix+ which in my opinion is a fairly average setting spray for as much as everyone raves about it. I will use it up but I was just expecting more! I love what they did with the bottle design and thought it was a great concept but nothing special.


Smashbox just came out with a similar product and while I was tempted to try it, am guessing that it will be much the same. Did this seem like a great idea to you?

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