First Impression Friday – LA Girl

My pharmacy takes 45 minutes to fill anything, I could ask for a bottle of Aspirin and it would require at least half an hour to produce. I don’t get it but I think it’s a scheme to get people to shop while they are waiting and it works. I was dinking around and came upon an LA Girl display and feel like this brand gets pretty good reviews plus it was on BOGO so I grabbed a couple of items. I literally grabbed two eyeliner pencils, one brown and one dark brown because I’m a jerk. I just never know what to try when it comes to new brands but I did need new eyeliner and these gel liners claim to be waterproof so my interest was piqued.


My eyes water constantly and my eyeliner can do this running thing if it can’t stand up to my watery eyes. First, theses eyeliners are so smooth and richly pigmented! They apply effortlessly on the first swipe. I really enjoyed the matte finish and colour pay off but as for being waterproof – eh. I did experience some running and feathering right near my tear duct which is always the problem area and for a waterproof formula it was surprisingly easy to clean up. I did appreciate that since eyeliners tend to want to stick to every part of my face except for my eyes and at least I didn’t have racoon eyes.


I will definitely keep wearing these and might try other shades, I just cannot get over how pigmented they are for a $3 eyeliner! Waterproof, they are not but I can handle that since they are easy to touch up. I don’t know if I would try more from the brand, nothing else was really jumping out at me but the liners are mostly a win!

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