Going Self-Hosted…!

I just read this fascinating article about the ‘people rental’ business in Japan and am somehow not shocked at all that this is a thing! I mean, I am somewhat surprised that some of the available rentals are infants (it sounds like they are accompanied by their parents) but I can totally understand the niche that this service satisfies. The extremes that people will go to in an effort to cultivate a perfect image is unsettling but a stand in mom for those who have lost their own? A kid to take to the movies, a grandmother to take flowers to – people have found a way to have human contact without actually really having it. Billions of people on Earth to interact with and we have reduced it to mere transactions. Then I read an article about how scientists are developing ways to block out the sun to inhibit climate change and have also reversed aging in mice. String those together; humans want to live forever, block out the sun rather than just find ways to reduce pollution all while paying strangers to spend time with us. What a time to be alive.

So! Big announcement or not, it feels big to me because I have been going back and forth on this for ages and finally committed to going self-hosted this weekend. I’m doing it, it’s happening. I had been putting it off for so long mostly because of the cost and the fact that I can’t do basic math. I had it in my mind that it was going to run me almost $300 which is triple what I pay for premium WordPress but 3.95/month is like 40 bucks and I am an idiot.

Why I am going self-hosted? I don’t really know, blogging is a hobby for me and I love doing it but I don’t really have an end-game here. I do know that when I see a really stunning blog though, 7.5 times out of 10, it is self-hosted. Not to say that you can’t create a really fantastic blog with WordPress but I have used so many themes and tested the limits of them to the point that I want more. I want total creative control of my blog and I think that self-hosted is the best way to go to achieve this. Also, I feel like my blog is a bit stagnate as of late and I know it’s not supposed to be about the views but I can’t deny that it’s a little disheartening when I feel like I write a better than good piece and it receives the same amount of feedback as a mediocre piece that I am less than proud of. I hope that a new space will spark new creativity which will lead to better content. Also, I appreciate all of the views/likes and comments that I do receive – I love that people read my content so many thanks. Finally, while I am not setting out to do a whole ‘re-brand’ I think that this will present an opportunity to expand my blog content. Doing the whole minimalist thing is such a juxtaposition to being a makeup junkie that I am finding a hard time striking a balance and hope that again, a new space helps me find a different stride.

That transition will begin Saturday afternoon and depending on how well it goes, you may never hear from me again πŸ˜› In all seriousness, I have noticed that blogs that do go self-hosted often disappear from my reader even if they appear to be using a WordPress plug-in. That sucks but I will keep an eye on it and hopefully I keep showing up in your reader!

If you have any tips or wisdom to share on the process, let me know! I am using BlueHost which claims to be a ‘one-click’ process but I will be sure to share my experience once it’s all said and done.

As always, thanks for stopping by <3



  • HappyHauteHome

    Good luck! I would love to hear an update. I too am considering the change for the same reasons..just haven’t gotten there yet..I have become so used to .com I worry the learning cure will be tough and discourage me.

    • Stella

      Thanks 😘 We’ll see what happens! I’ve heard good and bad experiences, fingers crossed!! I will definitely report back πŸ’š

  • Tony Burgess

    I’ve done the self-hosted thing and I won’t do it again. does a great job of doing the heavy lifting and providing excellent customer support. If one is doing this for a hobby and you aren’t going to use this as a revenue stream then self-hosted isn’t the way to go. Also there are the connections you make using a network like that is hard to beat. Best wishes.

    • Stella

      Interesting, I definitely like WordPress but wish that I could be more creative with the design process. If it’s terrible, I can switch back though. Thanks for the insight!

  • Tiffany

    We will be able to see from the reader. It’ll just be a transition (the outline will be a bite different). So happy for you, yes please give a review on the overall process. I’m thinking of switching to self-hosting before the year is over.

    • Stella

      Yea, when you think about what you are really paying for – it just doesn’t make sense to me to pay that much. We’ll see how it works out.

      • Selena Hannah

        I want updates, how easy it is, the layout options, design, EVERYTHING. My blog needs to evolve away from WordPress so I can hopefully do more sponsorships in the future.

        • Stella

          I will be sure to report back! I am have heard experiences from great to terrible so am happy to share especially since I have also been putting it off simply due to not really understanding what the benefit was. More to come!

  • Always Cleia

    That’s so exciting! Having the full control over the way your blog looks is great. My stats have taken a bit of a traffic hit since it’s no longer generated from the wordpress reader (your posts won’t show up in reader tags) but I think it’s worth it. Looking forward to see your blog once you’ve done the move!

  • hoiyinli

    Look forward to hearing about your experience! I’ve heard both good and bad things about self-hosting…are you using someone’s service to help you migrate? Either way, good luck. I have been considering self-hosting too but I think that will possibly be something more in the future, and not any time soon.

    • Stella

      I don’t think so, the BF’s brother works in IT and is going to move everything for me which seems like cheating a little πŸ˜› I will be sure to report back, I have also heard from both end of the spectrum and am unsure of what to expect!!

  • ayrgalaxy

    Good luck! I still haven’t taken the plunge because it’s a hobby for me and if I end up going self hosted, I’d like to make some money somehow but idk….I’m going to keep waiting until I’m close to running out of space on my free site lmao.
    But yeah, good luck and let us know how it goes

    • Stella

      We’ll see, I am getting a little nervous πŸ˜€ I hope that it goes smoothly but will report back.

      I am almost at the end of my premium membership which costs more than self-hosting so I figured that I would give that a whirl and see what happens! I did the same thing, used the free service until there was no more room πŸ™‚

      • ayrgalaxy

        I’ve heard that a lot of hosting sites do the work for you, lol. So you just have to contact them whenever something goes wrong and do a few test posts to make sure they appear on the reader. But a lot of people say it’s much easier than some people make it out to be. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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