Kitchen Haul Round Two

Minnesota is stuck in a perpetual winter, I am into it – I just realized how often one discusses the weather in the mid-west. I don’t recall ever having cared about what the weather was doing in my youth but maybe that’s just kids. Now, you could literally be talking about anything else and somehow you will land on the 10 day forecast which we all know is criminally inaccurate but we’re still going to talk about it. Being in your 30’s is lame.

Apparently, Amazon is delivering my packages in 2’s and again – I could just wait until everything arrives but where is the fun in that? I do find this a tad irritating as I clearly have opted to receive my boxes in as few shipments as possible. I don’t care how long it takes, just send it all together! You’d think that would be the more cost effective option for them but whatever.

Nesting Bowl Mixing Set – This is a 5 bowl/5 lid set and the bowls are made out of my fave melamine. I have a couple of sets of porcelain coated stainless steel mixing bowls that I have succeeded in chipping to the dickens so we’ll give plastic a whirl. I didn’t photograph the largest bowl because it’s huge and I have no idea what I will use it for – probably double batches. These bowls have rubber grip on the bottom and they are actually quite heavy.

Reversible Dish Drying Mats I hand wash all of our dishes, microwaves and dishwashers – I don’t believe in ’em. Dish drying mats are a must and living in a humid climate, I have to swap them out at least once a week or they stink. They just look a little nicer on the counter and these designs are lovely.

More food storage containers to take to work:

And finally, this little tray for storing bits on the breakfast bar. I already owned the cow creamer and shakers, and they fit perfectly in this tray along with my utensil pitcher.


Those are the newest additions – thanks for stopping by <3


  • llindaxxo

    That little tray is so cute! Since Ive moved into my new place, I have been decorating different spaces on by one. I’m basically 90% done but im looking for some cute kitchen accents and that tray definitely gives me inspo!

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