Mad Fashion

I just read this 10,000 word article about how to quit Facebook and I’m at a loss as to why 1) This article was necessary and 2) Why it was so long. The assumption is that quitting Facebook is hard and suddenly you won’t have the same access to your friends and family and my GOD – you might have to go back to communicating in methods that existed pre-2005. The insanity. It’s not that fucking hard, just delete your profile – I can almost guarantee that nothing bad will happen. I still read the article though so who am I to judge?

I started the first season of Mad Men for the 50th time because I was reminded of how much I love this show. It’s like stepping back in time to this beautiful era that exudes class and glamour. Obviously, there are some mind-boggling anachronisms but there’s just something intriguing about that time period. It’s mostly the clothing, modern fashion trends and I don’t get along, I gravitate to outdated silhouettes and problem patterns 😛 Modcloth is my go-to source for Mad-worthy pieces:

Fabulous Fit & Flare Dress


Sartorial Secret Fit & Flare


Miss Patina Profesh Dress


Keener Postures Midi


Floral Blouse


Retro Renewal Blouse


Darling Cropped Sweater


I love the fit and flare dresses, pearls, gloves, pill-box hats – let’s bring all of that back.

What era most inspires your personal fashion? Thanks for stopping by <3


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