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Monday Must Have – MadeCera Cream

I am not super good at sticking to these catchy series and usually just bust them out when I can’t think of a good title so don’t expect anything from me 😛 I talked about this cream from SkinRx Labs in a monthly favorites post a couple of months ago and I love it even more now than I did then. This cream claims to restore damaged, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It’s packed with a cocktail of fermented ceramides as well as centella asiatica extract which is good for redness and niacinamide to fight fine line and signs of aging. I still cannot say that I am totally sold on the benefit of fermented ingredients but apparently, the fermentation process creates a whole host of potent antioxidants and I am slowly getting on board.


It has a considerably thicker consistency than creams that I tend to reach for but it absorbs really well and feels great on the skin. I wear this primarily in the evening because it doesn’t have an SPF but I do apply a thin coat around my mouth where it tends to be very dry during the day. I love the way this neutralizes redness and remedies severe dry patches. It smells a little fruity which I wasn’t expecting but the scent dissipates once the product is absorbed. If you have dry or sensitive skin – I definitely recommend this!

This brand is rather hard to get a hold of, I was lucky enough to stumble across this at ULTA and they do have a handful of products available on their site. I have ordered some other products from less than reputable sites but I hope that ULTA starts to carry more of this line!

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