NOTD: I Couldn’t Pick a Color

And I almost kicked over a shrine in my nail salon, I am probably banned. I had an appointment for this evening not knowing that this snow storm was going to be so bad but then decided not to cancel because I didn’t want to waste my nail tech’s time. Then I was so distracted while in the salon that I decided to skip a pedicure and couldn’t pick a nail color so I just chose this neutral, kinda’ granny pink. It’s OK, I can live with it for two weeks, it’s just a little more tame than what I usually choose.


I really like my nail salon, I hope they don’t ban me 😛 I am the type of person that remembers every awkward thing that I have ever done and like to lay in bed at night and replay my own personal horror films. I think that should be punishment enough for being a klutz! My cuticles are so dry, I almost talked myself into a cuticle moisturizer – has anyone tried this? Do they actually work?

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