On a Sunday

Chilling with the cats, watching The Strain and nothing to blog about. I was going to do a round-up of my favourite makeup brushes but they are all dirty because I use them everyday πŸ˜› So, we’ll just have a random post for this evening.

Lets Bake Muffins ^*\|~

And I’m less than happy about it. First off, allergies. Second, anyone with a square-foot of lawn and a power tool of some kind will now be in their yard dinking around until October. What are they doing? Who knows, they don’t even know. I don’t get the yard concept, we lay waste to acres of naturally occurring vegetation to build rows of pre-fab homes and then proceed to replant the vegetation. I wonder who the jerk was just sitting around thinking, Gee – I wonder if I could get people to buy grass? Not like grass just grows everywhere, on it’s own with little to no human interference. Third, summer is not the friend of the bra-less gal. I have friends who disagree with this but I tend to have to wear them in the summer because my clothes are thinner and air-conditioning can prove problematic. I loathe spring, I hate summer.

Lets Bake Muffins ^*\|~

Uh, it’s amazing. I can literally vacuum anything – it has a detachable canister that I can just unhook and I can reach behind the couch, inside of the closets, on the top of the fridge. It was a tad unsettling how much dirt came up on the first few times but that’s my own fault for refusing to get a new vacuum for so long.

Lets Bake Muffins ^*\|~

Any bakers out there? Do they always have brown bits like mine did and do I just trim that off so that it looks more presentable? My friend wants a cheesecake for her birthday and this was my test run, it tastes fine but I wasn’t expecting so much brown. I baked it just as long as the recipe said but I am thinking that was too long. It was much prettier on the inside and I did trim the top off but that seems wasteful.


Lets Bake Muffins ^*\|~

And I am into it, Trendmood posted two photos of the new palette and it’s purple! Some were saying that it’s boring but I think it’s lovely and cannot wait to snag it.

That’s it – although, I think I am tapping out of The Strain, it’s too gross for me. Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Selena Hannah

    Venus III looks gorgeous! None of the colors are really dark and I cannot do dark. Dark and hooded eyes do not go together. The cheese cake was in too long for your oven. The make, model, year, and your altitude all effect the cooking time. I find that I have to fine tune any baking recipe to my oven. Like French fries take 40 minutes at 400 instead of the 20 the package says. I usually cook a cheese cake on 350 for an hour. Every recipe is different though. So, I would try cutting the time by 20 minutes by the look of the browning and check the cheese cake every 5 after that until you find the “sweet spot” time for your oven. Make note of it in your recipe for future reference. I can’t cook for shit, but damn, can I bake. I need to share my bake goods more on my blog. I just never remember to take a photo before eating it. lol

    • Stella

      I have another recipe that calls for less cream cheese and eggs that says to cook at a lower temp. I think I am going to try that one too to see what it looks like – or else she is just getting store bought πŸ˜› I don’t love electric ovens, I feel that this one runs pretty irregular but what can you do? Thanks for the tips – you should take some pics!

  • K.M. Sutton

    I loved the random thoughts! I love Spring and summer, but I completely agree with you about all the landscaping when we cut down forests. It makes NO sense. Have you tried pasties? I LOVE them during the summer. Or bramis are also a girls best friend.
    As for a cheesecake, did you put it in a water bath? I would try that and you could also cover it with foil halfway through the baking process. Some brown is normal (regardless of what the pictures show) I hope you have an amazing week! <3

    • Stella

      Thank you πŸ™‚ Right?! Just seems like a waste to me. I haven’t! I have been curious but will have to take a look this summer.
      Interesting, I didn’t do either but have a round two coming up and will have to give that a whirl to see what happens. The pictures look so perfect – ugh! Thanks you as well <3

      • K.M. Sutton

        It really does lol! Yes! You have too! LIFE changing! Lol.
        Good luck! I am sure if nothing else it will taste delicious which is all that matters! You can always decorate it too so cover any of the brown spots. Haha a lot of those pictures have been doctored (I use to be a chef, and I also worked with food photographers) with unseemly and disgusting products to make them “look” appetizing. Don’t get disheartened! <3

  • Sandra Lewrey

    I used to really hate the summer – so hot, so humid, just sitting around sweating all the time. But then I lost a pile of weight and the heat is not quite so toxic any more. I’d still prefer pretty well any other time of year, but it’s doable now. Don’t sweat the cheesecake browning either – they’re a hard dessert to control. I always feel like mine are either overdone or underdone. Only once have I made a PERFECT cheesecake – I mean, that sucker was the most gorgeous pale tan and it didn’t have a crack on the entire thing. But literally just that one! Every other one looks like it’s been through an earthquake. Still super tasty. πŸ™‚

    • Stella

      Hahahah! Well, I am glad that you have made some peace with it at least. The humidity drives me nuts, such a waste of good sweat πŸ™‚

      They are! It seemed so easy and then I pulled it out and thought it looked hideous. It did taste like cheesecake though so not a total fail. Haha! The elusive, perfect cheesecake – perhaps you will do it again one day <3

    • Stella

      Literally the worst πŸ™‚ I agree, it’s amazing how far vacuums have come! I feel like my mom had a 15 pound Hoover with only 1 attachment, the shame!!

  • hoiyinli

    I’ve no idea what The Strain is but it’s nice that you wrote this whilst watching it. πŸ˜‚ Thankfully there is no grass in my backyard but I agree – it’s one of those things that’s added to people’s to-do lists as soon as Spring arrives – get the yard ready, CUT THE GRASS. I’ve personally got better things to do…

    The Venus palette does look lovely. It’s nice to not see so much brown, orange or peach for once!

    • Stella

      It’s a show about some ancient virus…? I thought it was originally a Stephen King book but the BF said it wasn’t. It’s a Hulu original directed by M. Night Shyamalan so I should’ve known it would be gross πŸ˜‚

      I know! How much cutting does one lawn need?! He’s out there today, driving me nuts. It is different, I don’t know what people were expecting but I like it.

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