So, You Want a Face Tattoo

It’s true, I have a facial tattoo – I have had it now 10 years, I am often asked about it and everyone has an opinion on it.  Clearly, I am no expert when it comes to body art but I do have some sage thoughts to share based on my experience if you are hankering for a tattoo of this nature.


Just about everyone has a tattoo these days, moms and dads sporting full sleeves, gran getting an ankle rose, every college frat boy ever and their tribal bands – tattoos have become pretty widely accepted in today’s society. Twenty year old Stella went busting into the tattoo parlor with just this mindset and boy, was I naive. I figured that if someone was going to judge me for having a tattoo, it didn’t matter where it was but I have found that there is definitely a marked stigma around hand, face and neck tattoos that still exists in 2018. I feel that these types of tattoos are associated with gang culture and/or Russian crime syndicates and thank them for ruining the face tattoo for everybody else. So yea, get used to strangers thinking that you are probably a criminal.


And sometimes make audible commentary, better just get used to it. There are two times that I recall most vividly, looking at cheese in a deli when the counter worker stage whispered to her co-worker, OMG – she has a tattoo on her face. In my mind I was thinking, well, you probably smell like cheese all of the time…soooo. The other time was in line at Target and a kid mentioned my tattoo, her mother said to her; Please never do something like that. I looked right at her and said, Please stop teaching your children bad manners. Usually, I don’t say anything but I think I was having a shitty day and honestly, have some fucking manners. I don’t mind being asked about it, I don’t mind that kids are curious but there is a right and wrong way to go about expressing this curiosity. People you don’t know and will never encounter again will have something to say about it and they just don’t matter.


When I walked into that parlor and told the artist that I wanted said tattoo, I might as well have told him that I wanted to kick his dog. In fact, the first place I went to flat out refused to do it but gave me the number of another shop that does unconventional work. That artist told me to think about it for a day and then come back, then I had to sign a waiver saying that I understood the permanency of what I wanted done and couldn’t hold the shop liable. Who is going to get a tattoo without already having convinced themselves that they really want the work done and that it’s permanent?!


Was I ever shocked to find out how many of my friends were tight-laced, Reagan Era relics. It’s funny what people will choose to accept in 2018 but then draw the line at face tattoos. I don’t know where this comes from, even though society and culture changes, you always have the Alex P. Keaton’s of the world. I’ve had friends who have tattoos themselves tell me that they would never get one but it quote, looks good on you. Everyone has their limit I guess and I respect that.


I knew this going into it, shocking, I know. People make permanent life choices literally everyday and aren’t ridiculed for them because they are considered ‘normal’. Like when someone announces that they are having a kid, I mean – they know that’s permanent, right? Did they stop to consider the long-term consequences of global climate change and the ramifications that it will have on future generations? You don’t ever hear anyone saying that though do ya’? It is permanent to a degree, if I wanted it removed then I certainly could have it done.


I cannot count how many times I have been asked what I do for a living. I do have a regular job, I sit in a cubicle, I have health insurance, I wear business casual clothing, I have a retirement fund. I lead a mostly mundane, normal life (by my standards, of course). So before you get on your high horse about someone with a face tattoo on social media, Sharon – just remember that you don’t know them.


I can’t stress this enough. Do I think that there is anything wrong with my tattoos? Absolutely not but I also understand that other people do. I wouldn’t walk into an interview with my tattoos on display, I cover them at work and when I am volunteering out of respect for others – people tend to forget that I have them or don’t even know in the first place and this suits me fine.

Should everyone get one? Probably not. Should it really matter if it isn’t hurting anyone? Again, probably not. I can’t lie, I have definitely seen some face tattoos since I’ve had mine and passed a little judgement but really, what was Gucci Mane thinking? Or Mike Tyson? It’s not to my taste, not like they are giving a shit though 😛

I kinda’ miss my hair looking at this pic but then I know that summer is coming and I would hate it again…


Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Always Cleia

    Koodos for telling off that mother! People are seriously so rude, just because someone might not get a tattoo on their face doesn’t mean it’s their right to judge or stare.
    I’ve been thinking about getting a specific tattoo on my arm or my back for three years, but I know I’d have to conceal it around my parents, my dad has always been vocal about how he hates tattoos 🙁

    • Stella

      Haha! Thanks 🙂 It is stunning the stuff that comes out of people’s mouths. My mom was really anti-tattoo as well and I didn’t get this until after she passed away so I get that. My dad is a little more of a live and let live kinda’ guy so it doesn’t bother him. Funny to me that their are such strong opinions about tattoos. I hope you get it someday, it’s something to experience 🙂


    This was sooo interesting! I don’t have tattoos, but I do get some abuse for my makeup sometimes… not the same but I think it’s funny how in society people are so bothered about other people’s appearance!

    • Stella

      Oh, thank you 😊 It is funny, I’ll never understand it. Why waste energy on putting others down? It speaks volumes about them, just don’t give it a second thought 😘

  • almayerich

    I am amazed at how rude some people can be! If you love your tattoo’s that’s all that really matters. Besides, your stars are so cute! I have several tattoos, including a pretty large one on my back, and I quit counting the number of times I’ve been given weird looks.

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